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Struggling sake breweries getting revamped, eye on overseas markets

By Mayuka Ueda

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The problem with sake is that 99.99% of it falls into a very narrow range of taste. It's like the same basic sake taste with either sugar or MSG added. It matches practically no food, though I have managed to match some with sweet gorgonzola cheese. It compares poorly with the versatility and range of wine. But the nouveau-riche in SE Asia will buy it.

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Yes! Export. I know people in the UK wold love sake if they had more opportunity to try and and then buy it. British friends of mine all loved sake when they came to Japan but in the UK there's only one supermarket they said which stocks sake and it's just one brand, so there's no range of choice

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Now, it's just me, but I found a whole lot of Japanese food that agrees with sake. From edamame to dozens of other things, sake is the go. But you want to eat Japanese food to find them. Beer falls into a narrow range of taste unless you compare stout to lager. Perhaps sake is an acquired taste. For me, I acquired it the first time I tried it. Gotta eat Japanese and not just cheese. The UK has got it right.

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Except I have tried so much sake you would not believe. And I cook very well.

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I love Sake.

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