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Veganism on the rise among health-conscious in Japan

By Rintaro Emori

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Veganism on the rise among health-conscious in Japan

Rather than anecdotal evidence, some stats would be nice to confirm this assertion. The fact that one person has visited some restaurants in which you can get vegan food, and not all in Japan, is not really convincing.

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I am about to follow suit. Losing my interest for pork and beef. And no more fried chicken. It has to be grilled.

there is a story of Daniel who stopped eating the King’s delicacies and only ate vegetables. After few days he looked better than before. See, they put too many chemicals and antibiotics in the pork and beef,(also chicken), that it goes to our bodies in the end, accumulating.

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See, they put too many chemicals and antibiotics in the pork and beef,(also chicken)

That depends where you are getting your pork, beef and chicken.

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Wow a few places in Tokyo. And the rest of Japan ...?

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Tokyo was finally getting some vegan shops just as the pandemic was starting. Whether they survived without tourists I'm not sure. The article is full of good news, but clear vegan labelling and popular understanding of veganism are important. It should be more prominent in a country with Buddhist cuisine and lots of soya, but Japan has traditionally been a difficult place to be vegan. I hope that is changing, but I have my doubts. Oddly, there was a rise in vegan food products in UK stores during the pandemic, which was nice. Unfortunately most of them vanished when inflation shot up and the shortages of labour and supply kicked in. Eateries are closing too.

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Most commercial vegetables and grains also have chemicals used in their production and now also microplastics are becoming a health issue.

I ate a vegan diet for about 10 years.

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@Kinknaknokker I do know what goes in to the crops that I eat and that doesnt include 'BLOOD' !

There is no @japancat.....my comment has been removed !!! ' They ' the japantoday censor often take down my comments with no explaination ......The truth often hurts....doesnt it !

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Many people who eat meat have partially adopted veganism in their diet, enjoying it in a relaxed way. 

Makes sense--tofu and rice one day--I'm vegan!, then yakiniku the next night.

Whatever it takes to fit in here.

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For every animal they don't eat, I'll eat three.

Kidding aside, it's definitely beneficial to mix it up.

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Haven't eaten meat for many many years and I don't miss it. You eat what you want, and let me eat what I want, and everyone's happy. I'm glad things are moving in this direction, but it's all baby steps compared to some other countries.

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Vegetarians and vegans: don’t forget vitamin B12.

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It's definitely become a lot easier to be vegetarian in Japan the past few years. Restaurants are more accommodating, and there is a steadily growing range of meat substitutes, meatless processed foods, stocks, etc. The mobile tofu man who comes round once a week has a wide range of vegetarian soy-based items.

I would bet you don't even know what's gone into growing the crops you eat.

I choose to eat meat because I like it, just like you choose to eat chemically grown and GM crops

A good bit of the stuff we eat comes from our allotment and the garden, so I know exactly what goes into it. Not a chemical or GMO in sight. Our local Coop that delivers once a week puts its GMO items in a separate catalogue, so it's easy to avoid them.

The only alternative to growth-hormone and antibiotic-laden dead bodies is not 'chemically grown and GM crops', and it seems you have little idea of what other people choose to eat or why they make that choice.

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I felt better eating meat again after going vegetarian and I can't imagine veganism is better

I would never give up eating meat, just no way!

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I'm guessing veganism is not as popular in Japan compared to countries such as the US, Australia and the UK. Japanese love their food and that includes pork chicken beef and fish. Fish is an important part of the Japanese diet and Japanese love pork also. Sometimes veganism doesn't work out for people who try it. There was some study done by a nutritionist who claims if you are of a certain blood type you are well suited to being a vegan. Others of another blood type may be find it hard to get used to a vegan diet. As for me everything in moderation. I love vegetables and meat!

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In other countries around Japan there are usually lots of vegetarian and vegan shops derived from Buddhist veganism.

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Sugarcane = Omnivore Diet created by Creators Sugarcane Juice =vegetarians

with White Sugar = Vegan so which is bad for body

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Actually I do know why people make those choices as I grew up with a sister who was a very righteous vegan 

You know why one person made her choices. Your sister, righteous or not, does not speak for all vegetarians/vegans.

So unless it's self grown like you, there's been little to know(sic) way of knowing.

In the case of many processed foodstuffs, the manufacturers have twigged to the fact that consumers can be fussy. It may not be law to label stuff as GM, but very easy to find labels that state the ingredients are not GM. And as I mentioned, the Coop takes it on itself to warn customers so that they can make their own choices.

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A little ironic as Japan during the Tokugawa banned the slaughter of land animals for food.

They've always loved their fish, though.

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Veganism on the rise among FASHION-conscious in Japan.

There, fixed it.

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Veganism will never catch on with Japan's traditional "food culture." You have a better chance of converting everyone to pescatarians than vegans.

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A healthy diet is a balanced diet.

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I would never give up eating meat, just no way!


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