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Find wheelchair accessible restaurants in Tokyo with barrier free gourmet guide

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By Ben K, grape Japan

For international travelers visiting Tokyo, finding restaurants with good food and reliable service can be a challenge. If you're also a wheelchair user, you also need to consider accessibility, which can make the task even more challenging. Although the number of wheelchair accessible restaurants are growing, it's not always easy to find information in advance to prepare your trip.

Fortunately, there are resources available. One of these comes in the form of a new guide, conveniently available in both Kindle versions and printed versions on Amazon.co.jp and other online sources, from the popular magazine 散歩の達人 Sanpo no Tatstujin (Expert Walker) series published by Kotsu Shimbunsha Co Ltd.

Titled 散歩の達人首都圏バリアフリーなグルメガイド (Tokyo Area "Barrier Free" Restaurant Guide), the publication has dining recommendations in the Tokyo area for a total of 90 establishments, mainly focused on ones which are accessible to wheelchair users, but also people with food allergies and people on a soft food diet due to dysphagia.

Image: Kotsu Shimbunsha Co Ltd

Although the guide is in Japanese, each establishment is introduced with many pictures designed for the wheelchair user in mind, showing not only the dishes but also the layout inside to give readers an idea of its accessibility.

Moreover, many of the restaurants have English names, and even for those which don't, it only takes a quick scan with an app such as Google Translate to find the restaurant online and its address, so it can still be quite useful to those who don't know Japanese.


The 112 page guide is available for purchase for 1,512 yen from Kotsu Shimbunsha Co LtdAmazon.co.jp (Kindle version also available) and Rakuten Books.

  • Title: 散歩の達人 首都圏バリアフリーなグルメガイド(旅の手帳MOOK)
  • Translation: Tokyo Area Barrier Free Gourmet Guide
  • ISBN:978-4-330-97719-5

Source: Kotsu Shimbunsha Co Ltd

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Great picture. That door is wide enough but not a barrier free door at all. Handle to high plus she could not manouver around it while trying to open it. 95% of restaurants in Japan are not barrier free. Cannot be helped. Tiny little places.

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