Fish and chips, Britain's comfort food, goes hip


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Salivating for crispy batter, juicy haddock and thick, steaming chips...

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Although many restaurants serve it, they often lack the deep fat fryers for making proper chips.

At 18.25 for fish and chips that "celebrity" restaurant won't be seeing my custom.

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Wouldn't got to a hipster chippy is someone paid me. Plenty of decent ones in London run for generations in London that locals will know and won't cost an arm and a leg like some poncey place full of bearded silly boys.

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Nothing as nice as a fish supper at the seaside on a cold winter day. Lovely.

(We call fish and chips a fish supper in Glasgow in case anyone's wondering).

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Fresh fish in beer batter, ( none of that frozen muck ), it's a Friday dinner tradition for many in NZ. Never had a good one in Japan, usually just mushy frozen doughy bad tasting rubbish, but I hear Malins in roppongi might be the go to place anyone on here tried it yet?

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@StormR, Malin's is excellent - it ain't Kiwi Friday night style but it's as good as any British place I can remember eating at in the 10 years I lived there.

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Heck, Becker's Burger has a great fish sandwich ( it's not huge but it's only 290 yen! ) and a great french fries/onion rings combo with all the ketchup you want for just 160 yen! Bon apetite!

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I'll have the chips, you can have the fish.

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I love the photo with a lady holding fish and chips in her hands. Fish and chips wrapped in old newspaper often used to be my dinner when I was a poor student in the UK many years ago.

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Some people only eat the inside.

That tells you that some people are smart and know that the meal is actually greasy and unhealthy.

How do they only eat the inside of the chips though still stumps me.

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