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Frito Lay is turning up the heat with Japanese spice-infused snacks

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By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

For crispy snacks that pack a punch, look no further than the assortment of spicy flavors Frito Lay has just added to their most popular brands in Japan; Mike Popcorn, Cheetos and everybody’s favorite, Doritos.

Frito Lay is no stranger to heating things up, as seen in their 2020 lineup of spicy flavored snacks inspired by wasabi and shichimi pepper. This season, the Shichimi pepper flavored Mike Popcorn and Wasabi flavored Doritos will be returning with both new looks and the addition of Mentaiko Cheese flavored Cheetos.


Mentaiko Cheese flavor Cheetos

These corn snacks are inspired by Fukuoka Prefecture’s love of Mentaiko and Cheese, which have been combined with the snack to create an interesting blend of crunch, spice and rich flavor.

Kneaded into the stick-shaped snack, red grains of mentaiko give the cheetos a colorful appearance. With the mix of spicy mentaiko and rich cheese, this snack is sure to have you craving more.

Price: Variable

Volume: 65g

Calories: 365kcal per bag


Yawataya Isogoro Shichimi flavor Mike Popcorn

Returning to the lineup this year is the Yawataya Isogoro Shichimi flavored Mike Popcorn – a collaboration product between Mike Popcorn and the 285-year-old shichimi pepper manufacturing company; Yawataya Isogorō.

The flavor became a hit when it was released last year, and with many requests calling for its return, it’s back in 2021 but this time with a packaging outfit change.

Who knew lightweight popcorn could pack such a punch? Experience the mix of popcorn and Japan’s popular seven ingredient spice – shichimi pepper – in this unique collaboration twist.

Price: Variable

Volume: 45g

Calories: 225kcal per bag


Wasabi soy sauce flavor Doritos

Last year’s Wasabi soy sauce flavored Doritos chips, saw the corn snack take on the spice of Hokkaido wasabi, but this year, the flavor is returning but will use wasabi developed in Nagano’s Azumino city, which is one of Japan’s leading wasabi manufacturing areas, as well as home to the world’s largest wasabi farm – Daio Wasabi Farm.

The chips feature that light green look that is synonymous with wasabi. If the kick from the wasabi isn’t quite enough to freshen your palette, then the addition of umami-rich soy sauce should do the trick.

Price: Variable

Volume: 55g

Calories: 283kcal per bag

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I generally avoid the big brands. It seems no matter how much you eat you do not feel hungry and eat more thus getting fat. Somehow engineered snacks fool the body and are addictive.

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