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Frozen mini rainbow pancakes give you an easy way to add color to your sweets

By Jen Laforteza, grape Japan

Japan has a knack for knowing how to make food that’s not just edible, but cute too. On top of that, everything is convenient in Japan so of course, that extends to food as well. One food product that fulfills all three of those traits is Happy Color Pancakes, a frozen type of colorful pancake that only requires a microwave oven.


Measuring only 9 centimeters in diameter, the pancakes are described as having a “gentle sweetness” with a “fluffy finish”. Their bright coloring is derived from using only natural food colors.



One box contains 10 pancakes, and is priced at 1,650 yen. The company behind the product, 4 1 Person, also included the “lucky” heart-shaped pancake in random boxes of Happy Color Pancakes as a surprise to whoever gets them. You can find Happy Color Pancakes, along with their other products through their website.

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A nice delightful colorful way to start your day.

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They are expensive better just buy the sugar.

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priced at 1,650 yen


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