Garigari-kun ice pops accepting new flavor suggestions

By SoraNews24

This summer in Japan brought an especially piercing sun, and with the added effect of being masked up all time there was little relief to be had. Luckily, products such as the shaved-ice filled popsicles called Garigari-kun are capable of an icy kick rivaled by few.

Aside from that, Garigari-kun are also known for their reasonable price, and perennial chance to win another free ice pop or more. Last but not least, they are also known for steadily churning out limited edition flavors from the obvious, such as Lemon, to the absurd, like spaghetti.

▼ Spaghetti was quite likely the worst flavor ever made, but they get a lot of respect for the effort.


Now, with the 40th anniversary of the brand on the horizon, Garigari-kun is currently accepting suggestions for a commemorative flavor that they will sell for 70 yen during the auspicious occasion.

Suggestions will be accepted until 15 October, and judging by the buzz online, there is no shortage of ideas.

“Tapioca milk tea“

“Sweet potato, goya, and energy drink.”

“Please make a melon soda flavor.”

“I want to try cheese gyudon.”

“Based on the picture they used for the promotion, how about putting all the flavors into a rainbow pattern.”

“Make a Häagen-Dazs vanilla flavor.”

“Making a shield potion from Fortnite would really reach out to gamers.”

“Habanero flavor because I want to try a spicy ice candy.”

“Ramen like mother used to make flavor.”

“Sweat of a beautiful woman flavor.”

“Spaghetti: The Revenge flavor.”

“Tuna and mayonnaise flavor.”

While some of these suggestions are pretty out there, that’s partly to do with the fact that most conventional flavors have already been done before by Garigari-kun. Not only that, but most unconventional flavors like corn soup, potato stew, and omelet have also already been done.

Source: Garigari-kun Flavor Suggestion Site, Iza, Hachima Kiko

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