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Gluten-free sandwich store opens doors in Kichijoji, Tokyo

By Toby M, grape Japan

The Sandwich. One of life’s subtle and greatest pleasures. Two slices of fluffy bread between which just about anything can be stuffed, including other meals (here’s to you Christmas dinner leftover sandwich!) Refined over centuries, into such perfect variations as the breakfast barm cake, the grilled cheese, or the mighty meatball sub, it’s a dish that inspires and rewards innovation.

Nowhere is this truer than in Japan, where artisanal sandwich artistes have sculpted masterpieces including the strawberry cream sandwich, or Tonkatsu pork cutlet sandwich. For visitors and residents of Japan these sandwiches are parts of the Japanese experience that must be tried.

Unfortunately, sandwich purveyors in Japan have been slow to adapt their menus with gluten-free options. People with gluten intolerances have been left disappointed and hungry. The rumble of their stomachs has at last been heard, however, with the opening of a specialty sandwich store in Kichijouji with an entirely gluten-free menu!

MOCMO: The Sandwich Mavericks

MOCMO Sandwiches opened their doors on March 20, 2020. They specialize in gluten-free sandwiches and natural wines. The sandwiches are all made with home-baked “cloud bread”, an ultra-light and fluffy gluten-free loaf.

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The restaurant and its menu celebrate nature. MOCMO is situated in picturesque environs, located near Kichijoji’s Inokashira Park and the Studio Ghibli Museum. The interior is decorated with oak furniture and hanging shrubbery, which creates a tranquil calm environment. Here in the spacious eat-in area customers can sip natural wines while enjoying healthy salads and soups, in addition to scrumptious sandwiches.

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The stars of the show are of course the sandwiches, however. Some of the stand out flourless fare includes the juicy Roast Beef and Cream Cheese sandwich, or for the sweet-toothed, the luxurious Fig Boiled in Red Wine and Blue Cheese Caramel Nut sandwich. Check out the mouth-watering pictures below:

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Spring Cherry Blossom Cream and Match/ 春の桜クリームと抹茶 520 yen

Photo: PR Times

Roast Beef and Cream Cheese / ローストビーフとハーブクリームチーズ 790 yen

Photo: PR Times

A lot of Vegetables / どっさりベジタブル 520 yen

Photo: PR Times

Red Wine Soaked Fig with Blue Cheese and Caramel Nuts / いちじくの赤ワイン煮 ブルーチーズ&キャラメルナッツ 520 yen

Photo: PR Times

MOCMO Spice Curry / MOCMOスパイスカレー 520 yen

If these photos aren’t enough to sate your appetite, then check out the sample menu below:

MOCMO Spice Curry Sandwich 520 yen

White Chocolate and Sweet and Sour Berry Sandwich 320 yen

Green Curry Potato Salad Sandwich 520 yen

Chilli Shrimp and Tomato 520 yen

Genghis Khan Lamb, with Scorched Onion and Blueberry Sauce 780 yen

Broiled Mackerel and Fruit Deli Style Sandwich 520 yen

Khao Man Gai Style Chicken Salad Sandwich 520 yen

Fig wine boiled in red wine blue cheese and caramel nut 520 yen

Adult Rum Raisin tiramisu 520 yen

Roast beef and herbal cream cheese 780 yen

Cinnamon roll 450 yen

Glass of Hitomi Winery Wine 750 yen each (6 varieties are available at any time and updated regularly)

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MOCMO Sandwiches offer set meals which include a drink and small side dish also.

Store Details

MOCMO is the sister store of Bekkan, ベッカン in Miyahara, Saitama which is run by two musicians, Morichi Daichi and Yu Shiromizu. While serving delicious, natural foods that everyone can enjoy, MOCMO creates a soothing space where customers can sip natural wines and relax.

MOCMO Sandwiches

Address: 1-17-4 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo GRATO Inokashira Park, 1F

Business hours: 10:00 - 17: 00

  • Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays

Tel: 050-537-46141


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I do think this country lacks imagination when it comes to sandwiches. Supermarkets and convenient stores can't seem to handle sandwiches unless they have eggs or ham.

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So gluten is bad for you, but high calorie, high saturated fat, overpriced sandwiches are ok? S - U - R - E.

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