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Got a haul of apples? Here's what to do with them


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The greatest difference between American and Japanese are the prices. Maybe if you live in an apple growing area like Nagano where you can ask the farmer to collect apples off the ground since they never do anything with those. You'll never find Japanese apples on the cheap in the stores.

There are less varieties here. In the UK there are hundreds of types.

Cider is good to make even if there are worms in the apples.

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The apples here are horrible, they do not taste of apple, just watery sweetness. Too busy concentrating on the size and appearance of the apple rather than the taste. Due to the texture and sweetness they are not very good for cooking pies, crumbles etc. There only sees to be two variities of apple too. A few years back a local greengrocer sold apples from New Zeland, they didn't really sell as they were small and not prefect looking, but my husband and I bought loads, a lovely tart and strong apple taste and a firm texture.

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In developed countries it's hard to find Organic Apples even if it's labelled, they're all sweetners. And in developing countries, farmers are urged by the companies to inject the sweetness.

You got to have a tree in your garden and don't have to take care of it much like vegetables but don't be bothered by the fallen apples on the ground.

Just use the good ones to make it Apple Cider Vinegar or Pickle.

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And in developing countries, farmers are urged by the companies to inject the sweetness.

Can you provide evidences or links about this statement?

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