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Häagen-Dazs’ Matcha Azuki Kuromitsu Japonais ice cream blends green tea, red bean, black syrup

By Katy Kelly, SoraNews24

Ice cream company Häagen-Dazs is scooping up success after success in Japan, coming out with scintillating sweet shakes, sorbet fusions and stuffed ice cream sandwiches.

Occasionally they bring out a product in an especially beloved line called Japonais, which celebrates all the understated and artistic flavors you’ll find in a wagashi-ya, or traditional Japanese sweet store. Previous instalments include 2015’s Chestnut Red Bean, 2016’s Black Syrup Kinako Red Bean and Walnut Black Syrup Red Bean and 2017’s Double Matcha Condensed Milk with Black Syrup.

Japanese azuki, or sweet red beans, star prominently in most native sweets you can name. Seeing how they were conspicuously absent in last year’s offering, it’s great to see them make a comeback, this time sandwiched between two other de-facto flavors: matcha green tea and kuromitsu black syrup (also known as brown sugar syrup).

According to the press release the Matcha Azuki Kuromitsu cup will comprise of two flavors of ice cream. First, a flavorful milk ice cream lightly accented with chunky red beans; second, a striking green tea ice cream drizzled in high-quality brown sugar syrup. The mild milk flavor soothes any bitterness from the matcha green tea, while the smooth syrup and grainy texture from the beans provides a texture contrast you won’t soon forget.

To sample this dainty delicacy you’ll have to visit your local 7-Eleven convenience store, who will stock the ice cream from Sept 11. It retails at a suggested price of 370 yen so gather your pocket change and get out there and grab a cup.

Source: Haagen Dazs

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I wish they would sell this flavor of ice cream here in California.

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A blend of among the 3 worst ice cream flavours anyway.  not one for my shopping list.

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