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Have your curry on the go with Haneda Airport’s new cup servings of 'Walking Curry'

By Big Neko, grape Japan

Walking while eating in Japan can be frowned upon, as a recent ordinance established for the popular shopping area of Komachi Street in Kamakura curtailing eating and walking will show. Haneda Airport's Sky Station Restaurant is now providing a taboo free meal made for walking however, featuring one of Japan's ultimate sit-down comfort foods of all things. You can buy their Haneda Walking Curry--a cup of curry designed to be enjoyed on the go.

The Haneda Walking Curry is designed to be a quick serving of curry travelers can enjoy on the go, particularly at Haneda Airport's observation deck. As the above image details, the cup consists of a spicy keema curry broccoli, red pepper, boiled egg, and a sweet rusk to enjoy for dipping. With a slogan of "Walking and eating, a new standard for curry", perhaps you'll see curry-totting travelers in Japan soon outnumbering those carrying coffee as they head to their gate.

The Haneda Walking Curry is available from the Sky Station restaurant located on the observation deck of Haneda Airport Terminal 1's 6th floor, priced at 580 yen.

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Japan: Don't eat while walking

Also Japan:

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Besides that's just what you want right? Planes full of curry breath

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Curry in a Hurry. Scurry with your curry. Perhaps Japan is unique after all....

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Curry can smell great when you are hungry, but strange people walking around eating in a public place can be truly sickening, especially at the airport or in public transport. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

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savethegaijin said;

"Besides that's just what you want right? Planes full of curry breath"

You have forgotten about curry flatulence!

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No way!!!

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