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Hello Kitty takes over food department at Tokyu Toyoko store


You may have read our previous report about Ms Kitty taking on the tough job of being baked into small golden brown cakes. Well, it appears she was just getting warmed up for a huge number of engagements in the Shibuya area this week. When yours truly, a humble Hello Kitty fan, found out that Ms Kitty would be appearing in various edible forms at the food department of the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store in Shibuya, I knew I just had to go and see Ms Kitty hard at work. And wow, has she been keeping herself busy!

When I arrived at the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store, I found to my delight that Ms Kitty had practically taken over their entire food section – Ms Kitty was everywhere! Tokyu Department Store was apparently putting on a Hello Kitty collaboration fair and the panels they had on display showed just how many Helly Kitty products were being offered.

So, let me share with you some of the adorable edible Kitties I found. In the mood for something sweet? How about some Hello Kitty macaroons? Or Hello Kitty cheesecake?

Even the fruits were dressed up in honor of Ms Kitty. See the beautifully decorated cantaloupe. (Check out the price tag.)

Or, if you’re in the mood for a salty snack, they also had cans of Hello Kitty nori seaweed chips in four different flavors – plum, sesame, wasabi & sesame and brown rice (genmai).

Ms Kitty was even transformed into “inari sushi“ – a sweet soy-sauce flavored pouch of tofu filled with rice. (No, it doesn’t involve raw fish.)

After roaming the food department of the Tokyu Toyoko Store to my heart’s content, I bought 2 types of Hello Kitty bento box lunches to take home. One came in a delightful plastic box in the shape of Ms Kitty’s face and contained 2 pieces of inari sushi along with fried chicken, flavored boiled shrimp, Japanese-style eggs cooked liked an omelet (tamago-yaki) and vegetables including tomatoes and broccoli.

The other box lunch I bought was a truly artistic creation. It featured Hello Kitty’s face created with rice and garnished with seasoned ground chicken and Japanese style sweet scrambled eggs, with teriyaki chicken, grilled fish, carrots and broccoli on the side.

As cute as the box lunches were, I have to say that I was impressed that they were not just about incorporating Hello Kitty’s image; they were both very decent lunches that were a joy to eat.

I also bought dessert, a Hello Kitty anmitsu – a traditional Japanese sweet with read bean paste, agar, and fruit served in syrup.

So, my visit to the Tokyu Toyoko Department Store in search of Ms Kitty was definitely a huge pleasure. The Hello Kitty fair is a limited time event that ends on May 9, but I hope we will be seeing more fun collaborations with innovative and beautifully created food items, because all of these Hello Kitty products were certainly a feast for the senses. And once again, Ms Kitty, we are impressed by your professionalism, appearing in so many different and delicious forms for our eating enjoyment. We hope you keep up the good work!

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Although there are probably signs of brand fatigue for Hello Kitty merchandise at least in Japan, she continues to represent an unconscious human desire that many people share and food being a basic human desire will always attract people. People always love good, tasty food and sweets especially for me are additive. However it's the artistic presentation that allows you to enjoy it with your eyes first. Appearance is almost as important as actual taste and color and design is also critical. Hence the Japanese do enjoy the artistic sense and beauty or in this case the cuteness of display. If it's beautiful and cute people will think it's delicious and it is going to sell. Therefore I'm not surprised that Kitty bento lunch boxes are taking off in sales but in addition how about expanding and coming up with some Kitty foodstuff in the future.

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They should also make Hello Kitty indigestion pills.

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Brand fatigue? i don't think so! :p

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I heard the american navy were thinking of returning the Kitty hawk to japan and turning it into a monument, gonna call it the "Hello Kitty Hawk".

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Tokyu Toyoko Department Store = Tokyo Food Court? I just went there, there was no kitty to be found.

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This fantastic stuff should be available everywhere all year round. People would smile more.

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plenty of hello kitty fakes here

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OMG!! I have to take my 4 year old daughter there ASAP!!

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