High on ease, low on nutrition: Instant-noodle diet harms Asian kids


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Bad noodles

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'Well, durr'

It's a problem with poverty though, if they could afford the time and ingredients to cook without having to worry about earning enough money just to eat at all I'm sure they would

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instant ramen is JUNKFOOD, hell even "fresh" ramen at restaurants is JUNKFOOD!

I eat the stuff sparingly, when I do I load it up with veggies like spinach or komatsuna, carrots, peppers, whatever is around & usually toss in an egg.

the KEY is NOT to make this stuff a REGULAR part of ones diet, but even here in Japan consumption of this junk food is rampant!

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The noodles, which cost as little as 23 U.S. cents a packet in Manila, are low on essential nutrients and micronutrients like iron and are also protein-deficient while having high fat and salt content, Mutunga added.

Also important is that any flavour in the packets is chemical. Also unhealthy. Great money maker for the noodle manufacturer though.

Another factor to consider is this: About 20 years ago I learned of a case in Canada where a university student who was unable to cook for himself subsited on instant noodles for all his meals. He became one of only two cases of scurvy as a result.

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They had to do a study to figure out that eating instant ramen every day is bad for you? Shocking.

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As GW said it can be turned into a reasonable meal with the addition of lots of veggies. We have it probably once every two weeks and search the fridge first for both leftovers and veggies that need to go. As an occasional treat it's okay and adding an egg is a good idea too. '

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