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Historic Kyoto tea house Itokyuemon releases special New Year’s traditional sweets

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By grape Japan

Long-established Uji matcha specialty brand since the end of Edo era, historic Kyoto teahouse Kyoto Uji Itokyuemon has announced the start of online pre-orders for its annual new year’s special sweets Kyogashi Osechi. The quantity will be limited. The pre-orders will be closed once it reaches the max quantity.

Every year, Itokyuemon delivers their year-end special sweets, Kyogashi Osechi. It is that time of year again to place your pre-order for these special traditional Japanese sweets.

This lineup of traditional confectionery is perfect to celebrate the New Year in Japan, using nine different motifs appropriate to wish for good fortune. Some of the motif designs are only limited to this year due to it being relevant to 12 zodiac signs and names of the Asian calendar. The use of five different Uji flavored bean paste in the sweets (Matcha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Sencha, and Hojicha) is especially unique to the tea specialty store.



For this year, there is an option to order a two-layer osechi box. In addition to the beautiful Kyogashi Osechi set, the top box is filled with Kyoto’s traditional sweets Hanabira Mochi and Yokan (Azuki bean jelly), adding another luxurious level of sweets.


The standard and two level osechi sets can be ordered online from Itohkyuemon's official online store.

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These look incredibly charming and too cute to eat. Pricey though at ¥7,560 and ¥12,800.

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