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Hokkaido’s popular White Lover cookies turned into sweet drinks and ice cream sandwiches

By grape Japan

With it's multiple Pokemon collaborations and golden KitKat creations, Tokyo Banana is the go-to souvenir sweets to bring home, but when one travels the northern island of Hokkaido, Shiroi Koibito reigns supreme. The popular Hokkaido sweet's name translate to "White Lover", consists of langue-de-chat style sandwich cookies filled with white chocolate, symbolizing the region's famous snow.

Those seeking out the prized Hokkaido treats will have two all new forms to try them out in: a white chocolate drink and ice cream sandwich based on Shiroi Koibito.

Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate Drink is pretty much what its name says, a rich and sweet beverage that recaptures the white chocolate filling of the cookies, with a hint of the langue-de-chat biscuits in the drink as well. The Shiroi Koibito Sandwich Ice is an ice cream sandwich that takes two large butter cookies and uses them to sandwich white chocolate ice cream and langue-de-chat bits.

The beverage will be available all throughout Japanese starting Feb 2, while the ice cream sandwich will a convenience store exclusive starting Feb 1, and then available throughout Japan starting March 1.

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I have to say that some congratulations goes to this company for continuing to develop goods and services during the pandemic. Finding ways to keep employees employed, waving Hokkaido's flag during the worst of times, and, oh yeah, creating delicious treats.

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Do you take these before or after the insulin shot?

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Do you take these before or after the insulin shot?

Cmon, Shiroi Koibito's sugar content is pretty tame compared to for example most American cereal. At least the people at Ishiya admit and advertise their products as sweet compared to the cereal companies.

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Cmon, Shiroi Koibito's sugar content is pretty tame compared to for example most American cereal. 

That unaccountable triumph of marketing over mental faculties?

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