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How the Christmas pudding, with ingredients taken from the colonies, became an iconic British food

By Troy Bickham

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In England I had the christmas pudding. It was pretty good, but as the author above says, not really high on my list of favorites. I liked it though, and the lighting of the brandy was something to behold. Alas, I didn't get the sixpence. If you haven't tried it, do. It's good and it's festive.

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When we were kids my Welsh nana made the Christmas pudding and Christmas cake. She would mature them for one year.

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Can never beats nana’s puddings, pies and cakes, yummy

Ill be having me Christmas Pud as usual of course and some mince pies, but I won’t get drunk and start mincing about, lol

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With cream AND custard together. Decadence.

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Even though we have a summer Christmas in South Africa, my family always had Christmas pudding, fruit cake, mince pies and shortbread.

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its yuck.

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“ How a simple British dish was enriched by global trade and expansion”

Rewrote the title without the white guilt shoulder chip/cheap shot.

Why emphasise “white colonists” when talking about the British colonists, and what is unusual about ethnic/national groups desiring to “replicate” their own food culture wherever they go?

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Delicious with brandy cream! Yum!

its yuck.

I doubt you've even tried it.

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zulanderToday 10:16 am JST

Agreed. The good professor strikes me, perhaps, as being like someone you invite for a festive dinner, then he sits and insists on telling everyone at the table exactly what is wrong with each dish - on a micro, meso, and macro level - and why it never should have been served in the first place.

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Like so many adaptations around the former empire, it includes some American ingredients: pecans and cranberries as well as bourbon...

Of course...

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I have never had a British christmas pudding mainly because they have alcohol in them, altho I suspect one can buy many they do not. How ever this year I tried and liked a mince pie with an icing topping, it was really nice and I have eaten a few more since. I also saw a comment here about pouring custard on the puddings or pies, and I like that idea too.

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Warm pud and mince pies with whipped (real) cream. That's a proper dessert! Not really sure I can eat it now, though, having eaten J food for so long.

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It's traditional to make a wish whilst stirring the ingredient's when making a Christmas pudding. Also during the year extra brandy is added which ensures a good flavour and of course has a preserving effect.

As a child my father would always ensure each child received a hidden coin he'd buried in the pudding.

My favourite is brandy butter, made with brandy, butter and sugar and served along with cream, and of course warm bandy is poured over it and set on fire just before serving along with a sprig of holly. If you weren't tipsy before pudding you would be after especially as a child.

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I remember when I was little there was always a coin in the pudding, good old days, happy times and happy tales from many.

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I remember when I was little there was always a coin in the pudding, good old days, happy times and happy tales from many

Not often I agree with you but I wholly concur in this instance and I can not conceive why anyone would downvote someone’s happy memories? Sad muppets.

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