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A cut of steak marinated before being grilled Photo: AP
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How to marinate almost anything

By Elizabeth Karmel

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Seitan is a soy product now ?

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I prefer the Japanese method of flavouring food, basting (dipped in sauce after cooking), works with everything, and it doesn't change the food's natural texture and mouthfeel.

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coskuriToday  07:32 am JST

“Seitan is a soy product now ?”

My thoughts exactly. The author apparently doesn’t actually know what Seitan is, a gluten product made of wheat.

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The marinade should come to a rolling boil and a temperature of at least 165 degrees.

165 degrees? What in? A blast furnace?

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I have had my basic marinade for 26 years. I freeze it and use it over and over again replenishing it as needed. I also marinate my meats for up to six days in the fridge. My BBQ's rock.

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165 degrees? What in? A blast furnace?

Probably means fahrenheit, which is about 73C.

I have had my basic marinade for 26 years

Sounds good Tom, care to share it with us?

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