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How to prepare teriyaki chicken in a rice cooker


Have you ever heard of cooking chicken with Coke? It may sound strange, but it’s worth a try, according to Rocket News.

The important point in cooking teriyaki chicken with Coke is to use a rice cooker, not a pan. Many people think a rice cooker is only good for cooking rice, but it can also be used for various other dishes.

List of ingredients

500ml PET bottle of original Coke 4 chicken wings (250g) 1 tablespoon of soy sauce

First, put the chicken wings in the rice cooker, then add the soy sauce and Coke. Then your work is basically done, except for eating and cleaning. (If your rice cooker has a “quick cook” setting, do not use it. Instead, use the normal cooking mode for this recipe.)

When it is finished, open the rice cooker. The chicken should be thoroughly cooked and tender.

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lol wish i owned a rice cooker.

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"it's worth a try"

No, it's not.

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20 some years ago, there was a manga on television in which a chef used all sorts of ingredients and spices. He used a can of coke as a sauce to cook chicken in a pot over the stove. I cracked up when I read "...PET..."; are there any soda companies selling 500 ml of soda in glass bottles? Why specifically PET bottles? 500 ml of Coke will do...

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I've tried cooking other items in my rice-cooker and all i can say of the aftermath is it was "Hammer" (& Chisle!) Time!

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500ml of Coke sounds like an awful lot for just four chicken wings...

There used to be an interesting recipe for faux "Peking duck" floating around the internet that involved using chicken thigh skin, Coke, and a hair dryer...

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If I may, I'd like to share a great recipe from chef Mike Colameco ( with my own personal touches ) ( I just made this again minutes ago, and it's great:

Put a cup of rice into a pot with 2 cups of filtered water or bottled water, and let it soak while doing the next part: Take a carrot, peel it if you want, chop it into a medium dice, take a tamaneg, er, onion, definitely peel it, chop it into a medium dice, put a tablespoon or so of olive oil into a fry pan, when it's hot, throw the carrots in with a little salt & maybe a little pepper, saute them for a couple of minutes, throw the onion in, saute them together with the carrots for another couple of minutes, transfer them into the pot of rice & water, bring it to a simmer, put a lid on it, turn the gas/heat on real low and 15-18 minutes later, it's done, fluff it up with a fork and enjoy! Easy, healthy, delicious and cheap dish! Yer all welcome!

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Article sounds bad.

And with both the article and Serrano"s recipe where does the "Teriyaki" come in. Sounds like the author never made a teriyaki sauce from scratch nor ever tasted the real stuff.

See tons of recipes like that on J-TV and it always gets the thumbs-up by the Talento who will approve anything.

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that seems a wicked idea again like we had before here hamburger in the rice cook

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I don't know if that will be like Teriyaki, but I did try a recipe similar to that. I put about 300ml of coke into a pan with a ham, baked it for an hour, let it sit for 5 hours (yes, that's right, 5 hours) with the heat off, but the lid remained closed the whole time. I baked it for another 40 minutes and WOW, it was really, really good. Bottom line, cooking with Coke actually works! Very tender. I'm tempted to try the recipe above.

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My friend did a similar recipe 20 years ago. He marinated the chicken in coke and put it on the BBQ. I was sceptic at first but very surprised afterwards how good it tasted. I would rather roast it in the oven than cooking it in the rice cooker.

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The coke will caramelise from the heat if that is what you after.

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Coke is not food and should not enter the human body. Do not cook with it.

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I think it was said best 23 years ago in the movie, "Uncle Buck", "Holy smokes, he's cooking our garbage!"

Weird, that was on tv just two nights ago.

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i cooked many things in my rice cooker. always came out good. never thought of putting coke in there. every time i think of coke i think of it stripping walls. mite try it. hope it dont strip the pan.

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I would try this recipe, but I'm almost positive it would be a disaster, I'm on a tight budget right now and I don't want to waste 250g of chicken, 500 ml of Coke and even a tablespoon of soy sauce, plus the gas to cook it.

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I use Coke for cleaning coins only....

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4 chicken wings ? Dinner for four perhaps ? Back home people eat dozens and dozens of these things on wing night for peanuts compared to here. I almost choked on my 32nd chicken wing when I read this corker !

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My mom used to cook chicken wings using Coke too, so I'm not surprised at all. The chicken doesn't actually taste of much Coke, I think like alcohol, it fizzed out after being cooked

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Coke is great for removing oil stains from your garage pavement.

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Have you ever heard of cooking chicken with Coke?

cooking while under the influence of drugs can be hazardous!

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Mountain Dew is better for it!

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