How to turn FamilyMart’s chicken buns and convenience store snacks into gourmet sandwiches

By Mugi, grape Japan

Fami-Chiki is a popular hot-snack menu item at Japanese convenience store FamilyMart

Fami-Chiki is deep fried chicken, crunchy on the outside and super juicy on inside. It comes in a variety of flavors and once you try it, it can be pretty addictive!

They recently came up with their own special chicken sandwich buns Fuwa-Fuwa Fami-Chiki buns (88 yen, tax included), and ever since many people have been hooked by this delicious combo.


The super soft (fuwa-fuwa) buns have tasty tar-tar sauce pre spread on them that goes perfectly well with Fami-Chiki. All you need is to get the buns and the chicken, put the chicken inside the buns, and ta-da! You now have a FamilyMart style chicken burger that is just mouth-watering!

Well, after all the buns were specially made to make the chicken burger! Of course it would taste great, right? What about other Family Mart signature hot-snack menu items? Would they also go well together?

To answer our own question, we took the matter into my own hands and decided to make an original FamilyMart burgers using different ingredients from the convenience store.

Fami-Chiki buns x “Mom’s Diner” braised pork belly

Our first experiment was using this item.


FamilyMart’s original a la carte side dish series, “Mom’s Diner” and one of its best-selling items “slowly braised pork belly” (321 yen, tax included).

There is no question that braised pork belly goes heavenly with steamed rice, but we were hopeful that its sweet sauce would also go amazing with the sweetened buns!

There was only one way to find out. We went ahead to heat up the pork belly. Also, we decided to use thinly sliced cabbage as an extra topping on top of the buns (also available at FamilyMart), then took out two warm pork belly slices out of the pouch, and placed them on top.


At this point, we were pleasantly surprised that the pork belly slices were actually quite thicker than expected. Now, our “Pork Belly Burger” is looking really good with the volume! Now, it’s time for the verdict...


So tasty!

The sweet sauce on the pork belly is so rich and goes perfectly well with the tar-tar sauce and the buns! This was beyond our expectations.

This is somewhat like a teriyaki burger from McDonald's Japan. So, this is a guarantee to be a hit combo for any teriyaki fans out there. We'd say this is a must try.

Fami-Chiki buns x grilled salad chicken

Next up is “grilled salad chicken” (145 yen, tax included).


This is actually marinated in salty rice malt, which makes the meat super soft, tasty and nutritious all at the same time. It is not deep-fried either, so it would be a healthy burger, too.

We sandwiched the warmed up grilled salad chicken between the buns, and the volume is quite impressive.


But, what about the taste?

The nice and warm grilled salad chicken was well seasoned and flavorful, and the black pepper was actually a great match with the tar-tar sauce.


It is flavorful but not heavy at all, so we'd definitely recommend this for those who are a bit more health conscious.

Afterthought: this would actually go better with lettuce as a topping, instead of sliced cabbage.

Depending on what you put in it, the possibility of Fami-Chiki buns seems endless!

Why not experiment a little, and make your own original burger?

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The Spicy Chicken is the best version in my humble opiniom

0 ( +1 / -1 )

One of the meats looks like greasy, high fat pork. A six pack of beer would not make that taste good.

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Gourmet my Irish @rse.

This is poverty food, as far removed from gourmet notions of animal welfare and respect for ingredients as you can get.


2 ( +2 / -0 )

Why do we have such a strange desire to combine completely different foods that don't even go together? Sure, if they showed it on TV and went oishiiiii, uma-i about it, people would buy it like crazy. As mentioned here, this is rather a poverty food. But for 400+Yen? You can get better things in the same price range at your local konbini. Even two simple onigiri would do a better job than this.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

This just shows how little Japan understands the humble sandwitch.

A half-decent BLT would be like wagyu compared to this. I'd rather have McDonalds than any of the pictures.

0 ( +0 / -0 )


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