Humans enjoyed blue cheese and beer 2,700 years ago: study


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What! No pretzels! Oh, the Cenozoic humanity of it all!

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So what?

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Humans that comes or descend from Europe have a higher capability to digest dairy product because they started to consume such products in very ancient times.

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I’m still trying to wrap my head around the revelation that my ancestors were Austrian.

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This suggests a "recent shift" in the microbiota of industrialized humans, 

Yes, no KFC fries. We had that story just the other day.

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Agree @Farmboy 1:36pm. Remarkable photo evidence that humans may have taken a “recent shift”:

- “This suggests a "recent shift" in the microbiota of industrialized humans, “… very sophisticated," Maixner told AFP. "something I did not expect at that time." ”beans, millet and barley are clearly visible”

ALL available in Japan yet, in very small amounts and, at exorbitantly expensive prices.

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Looks to me like the shift isn't recent. Looks like it's 2,700 years old.


... oh, shift?

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Understood @ExpressSister 2:07pm. Obviously it was in Austria for the Bronze, placing tird in the spelunking event.

Researchers analyzed four samples: one dating back to the Bronze Age, two from the Iron Age and one from the 18th century.”
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This would have to be the first time an article here has been led off with a photograph of a lump of excrement, would it not?

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It is clear to see, as this article itself mentions, that these conclusions are all based on s..t. Sometimes it is just the same old ....

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Zichi, no not stupid, it was a humorous comment in an otherwise serious and thoughtful interview, a witty way of expressing an environmentally conscious decision to change the fuel running his favourite car to a sustainably sourced fuel derived from waste wine and the whey from cheese making. Keeping the same car for over 50 years is also a very environmental beneficial thing as the embodied carbon in its production is a massive part of any cars total environmental footprint.

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I’ve seen biscuits made by children that looked like that!

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Understood @ExpressSister 2:07pm. Obviously it was in Austria for the Bronze, placing tird in the spelunking event.

placing tird

Yes, excellent.

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Nah, its WINE and CHEESE. Every time.

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There was trade of this Hallstatt salt for those grains, legumes & beans, presumedly from as far as the Mediterranean cultures found in this 2700 year old poop. - Foundations of capitalism in the Bronze Age, blossoming from thriving agrarian economies, *just before it all went to site* for some unexplained reason?

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And in 22100 they’ll be looking at perfectly (undigested) preserved fast food…bits

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Trade and capitalism are not the same thing.

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It was meant as an ‘on-topic’ question ‘*for some lightfhearted conversation *@ExpSister 3:38pm:

*- “…just before it all went to s ite *for some unexplained reason ?” -

*- @ExpSister 3:38pm: “**Trade and capitalism are not the same thing.”*

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