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IKEA Japan releases 100% plant-based cup ramen in salt and curry flavors

By grape Japan

You can always count on the instant noodle aisle in a Japanese convenience store to double down on the junk food factor with flavors like Pringles potato chips and french fry and chicken nuggets. However, recent health trends have helped introduced Cup Noodles that promise all the nutrition a person needs in one day, as well as vegan Buddhist monk ramen.

A new healthier alternative to instant ramen isn't found at the store, though. Instead you'll have to head to IKEA of all places. Locations of the home furnishing store in Japan will now be selling plant-based low calorie cup ramen.

A healthier followup to their sakura hot dogs, IKEA Japan now stocks plant-based cup ramen in addition to a lineup of organic apple juice, vegetable juice, and ginger ale. The 100% plant-based ramen uses no additives, non-fried noodles, and also no palm oil as an eco-friendly initiative against deforestation.

It's available in two flavors, salt (153 calories) and curry (171 calories), with a cooking time of 5 minutes.

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It was always plant-based. Noodles are made from plants.

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I bet it’s crap like everything else they sell

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It was always plant-based. Noodles are made from plants.

It's not the noodles that's the problem (if you exclude the palm oil). It's what's in the flavouring. Usually pork, beef, chicken and/or seafood.

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