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Thai chef aims to turn insect eating into fine dining

By Nanchanok Wongsamuth

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To each his own..

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Good luck, Mr. Buttama. Gotta say though that for me personally, your cuisine is one of the few that could drive me into the arms of McDonalds.

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Ewww yuk!

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Fried meal worms are nutty tasting and quite delicious, the only grasshoppers I have eaten were too dry and had little taste. I would like to revisit the hoppers and try some fresher ones with a bit of juice left in them. I would also love to try some sago grubs, they look like they might be tasty.

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I'll pass, thanks. Insects may be food. But to me...strictly last ditch survival food.

But I'm not going to go bashing those who like it.

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Yeah, why not? I've eaten meal worm, crickets, snails & it was fine.

Don't forget, cochineal is used in a wide variety of food & drink products. You may have tried insect without knowing!

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"The taste (of insects) is unique and tasty, similar to crab and shrimp. For instance, giant water beetles taste like crab, while grasshoppers taste like shrimp."

I wanna know what bugs taste like chicken.

I've heard of people eating cockroaches. If you can eat a cockroach, probably you can eat shirako too.

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