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It's a hoot hanging out with owls at this Tokyo cafe


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This is wrong.

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"I'd like that one fricaseed, please."

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So are taking photos while holding a tamed Koala or similar. ;)

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I hope the customers don't contract avian influenza.

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It's ME: So are taking photos while holding a tamed Koala or similar. ;)

That's a fair question but birds are meant to fly. That's what most of us love and admire about them; their ability to reach heights and soar majestically. Something we mere humans can only imagine being able to do. I can't imagine these owls are getting much flying time in, even when the cafe is closed, can you? At least a koala can still hang out in a tree much of the day, even if people do spend time holding it and taking photos with it.

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Reminds me of the episode of Alan Partridge when he went on that date to a bird sanctuary.

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Not sure I like this idea either...........while owls tend not to soar much I know most like to SLEEP during the day because they are active after the sun sets.

And unless one can take a bird outside to let it fly some & not in Tokyo, its just wrong to coop them up & subject them to the "café" life.

And a Great Horned Owl is a very large bird likely about 2ft tall or around 60cm.

Cat or rabbit café...........well ok I guess, owls............not a good idea imo!

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Wow. Sounds like this place has changed a lot since I went there. But very fond memories. One of the few times I've been photographed with a couple of absolutely beautiful hooters....

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My recent conversation at an owl cafe...

Owner: Do you like our owl? Me: It's artificial? Owner: Of course it is. Me: Must be expensive.

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Expectation: moody atmosphere, exquisite coffee and a nice sofa next to a bookshelf full of Agatha Christie novels. Pet owl sleeping perched at the bar, where the mysterious owner is shining silverware.

Reality: crummy shop with a plastic fence. Christmas lights and paper cutouts amateurishly plastered on the walls. High entry fee and long line to take a selfie with some tortured-looking birds.

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CGB Spender: +1 for the Blade Runner quote!

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I've been to cat cafes several times in several countries and it is a lot of fun for cat lovers. I have heard of owl and falcon cafes but haven't been. Anyone know any other type of animal cafes?

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DaDude, There's a penguin bar in Ikebukuro. They stay inside a small aquarium-style enclosure though and look about as happy as the captured penguins in Happy Feet.

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@MissingCylonModel you've hit the nail on the head! Most such pet cafes are an utter disappointment. Cheap and garish! I can give you a nice tip though: go to Arles Cafe in Shinjuku. Old English wooden interior, cozy sofas, bookshelves full of Manga, very calm relaxed atmosphere, and a cat sleeping in between the patrons. One thing though: you shouldn't mind smoking.

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Possibly you should let the animals be animals and keep them out of a cafe.

If you want to try something different , open a "seniors" cafe. Put older people in a cafe and pay for time to talk to them about your problems. Seek advice from your elders. This might be more productive . If you pet them they will not potty in all likelihood. They would also get a nice lunch, no more than 30 minutes of time for a small fee. Seniors do not seem to eat a lot so it would be cheap and they have time on their hands. Who knows you might learn something of value and a chance to show respect for your elders. Try serving good food too , that might draw a crowd.


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"CGB Spender: +1 for the Blade Runner quote!"

And another +1!

@Imanishi E.

Excellent idea!

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