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Japan's escargot entrepreneur achieves the 'impossible'

By Etienne Balmer and Caroline Gardin

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I talked with an American World War I airman who said he was shocked to see Parisians going around collecting snails. He also said that both the French and Americans ate horsemeat, because they were hungry.

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Snails don't taste much. It's the butter garlic sauce.

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Garlic bread is better.

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I think escargot are great! Is salt, garlic and butter what really makes it taste good? Probably - but that's true of many cuisines in western and southern Europe. I think the better story here is the continued innovation, ingenuity and "grit" of this man. I hope it continues to inspire more Japanese people to do the same.

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Do these things by themselves really "taste" different from other mollusks? How many garden smails does one have to eat for comparison? I take a pass on that one.

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When I was a kid my father used to raise snails to eat. My mom and I just averted our gaze.

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