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Japan's humble 'onigiri' rice balls get image upgrade

By Mathias Cena and Cecilia Sanchez

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and the traditional triangular shape of onigiri may be a reference to mountains, where many Shinto gods dwell

Possibly. But it could just as well be be a reference to the 北条氏 ( check out the 家紋 at the link below) after all from the article "Long popular as on-the-go fuel in Japan, onigiri have been eaten for over a millennium in the country, where they were once taken onto the battlefield by samurai".


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I wonder where tempura stands in popularity amongst overseas Japanese cuisine.

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I do like rice balls, and Onigiri Bongo have some interesting fillings on their menu. Not sure I'd personally wait eight hours for them to open though.

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I like Onigiri but I haven't eaten one for ages and ages.

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