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Japan’s do-it-yourself cat donut-decorating kit lets you make all kinds of sweet treats

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

There aren’t a whole lot of universal truths in this world, but one we can all agree on is that donuts make any situation better. That includes sheltering in place and waiting out the coronavirus pandemic, because if you already have a box of donuts at home, what possible reason could you have for leaving the house?

And if you want to indulge both your creative side and your sweet tooth, Ikumi Mama, Japan’s adorable animal donut brand, now has a way to do that at home too.


The Kawasaki-based bakery is now offering a Draw Your Own Donuts set, which includes eight donuts. One is a fully finished cat-shaped donut, and the other seven are waiting for you to apply the artistic touches using the chocolate pens and press-on chocolate facial features that are part of the bundle.


In addition to the completed kitty donut, you get one more blank kitty base of a ring donut with white chocolate glaze, plus two pink ring donuts coated with strawberry chocolate, to make a pair of piggies with.

▼ The cat and piggy donuts have little ears, made out of almonds, that stick up.


You also get four donuts with their glaze completely covering the center hole, two of which use white chocolate and one, the yellow donut, made with kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) chocolate.

▼ Once again, some have almond ears.


While Ikumi Mama recommends using the white donuts to make pandas, it’s really up to you how to decorate them. You get three colors of chocolate pen to work with too (brown, white, and pink), and the bundle comes with a QR code where Ikumi Mama provides ideas/patterns to follow.


▼ Panda and piggy designs


▼ The ample space on the covered-hole donuts means you can also write messages, like these which say “Hang in there and stay cheerful” and “Take care of your health.”


Ikumi Mama’s donut decorating set can be ordered online here for 3,490 yen, and if you’re looking for some extra decorating ideas, like alpaca or killer whale donuts, you can take a look at our massive animal donut taste test.

Source, images: PR Times

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