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Japan’s hot-selling gourmet coffee jelly that’s keeping summer deliciously cool


Japan's Kaldi Coffee Farm is an emporium of tasty international goods, making it quite the haven for foreign residents. Kaldi is a crowd pleaser for everyone, however, with unique but popular hits such as game-changing curry spread for your toast.

Recently, it seems yet another delicious treat had been turning heads at Kaldi, and it's none other than their take on coffee felly. Although not originally Japanese, coffee jelly (kohi zeri) has become a bit of a retro favorite in Japan, combining black coffee and gelatin into a refreshing dessert topped with fresh whipped cream or milk.

So after reading rave reviews we headed to our local Kaldi to pick up the popular "Mocha Kilimanjaro Coffee Jelly", which has been selling out in bulk.

Photo: grape Japan

The first thing we noticed about the hot-selling instant coffee jelly was it's volume.

Although the price is a little high for a coffee jelly (297 yen), you can feel its hefty weight just picking it up. The package also includes a serving of coffee sugar and milk creamer. Typically instant coffee jelly packs some with some type of creamer, but this was our first time seeing one come with coffee sugar, so there was a feeling of fanciness to it.

Photo: grape Japan

Photo: grape Japan

First we decided to sample the coffee jelly with no added flavor. Since coffee sugar was included in the package, we thought it would have quite the strong and bitter taste, but it was surprisingly refreshing!

Although the strong aroma of the coffee beans used hit hard, even without any added toppings the jelly had a smooth and mellow taste to it, really allowing you to save the flavor of coffee, making it a great dessert on its own for those who take their coffee black.

Photo: grape Japan

Next we tried it with just a dash of creamer, which immediately mellowed the already mild bitterness of the coffee jelly. One of the fun perks of coffee jelly is seeing how the gelatinous blob of coffee turns the cream or milk into a bit of a waterfall--like an added layer that never truly mixes in but still adds flavor.

This is definitely the recommended way to eat it if you enjoy your coffee with a more mellow taste but not quite so sweet.

Photo: grape Japan

Finally we added the coffee sugar to complete the full package. Sprinkling a generous amount of the coffee crystal sugars on top, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there was only a mild, but elegant sweetness added to the dessert.

Coffee jelly is a treat anytime of the year, but with a summer this hot, Kaldi's Mocha Kilimanjaro Coffee Jelly serves up a delicious refreshing jelly alternative to ice coffee with a gourmet touch.

Photo: grape Japan

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I've learned how to make it.

Incredibly easy.

Just coffee and gelatin powder.

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Yes, coffee and gelatin powder.

No need to pay 300-350 for it as you can make it for 50 yen at home.

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