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Japan’s top 5 regional burgers ranked for 2022

By grape Japan

Seikatsu, a website operated by Wave Dash Inc that supports local communities created by everyone, has announced the Top 5 of its 37th Annual "Regional Burger Ranking" as selected through user votes *.

Let's take a look at the top 5 regional burgers selected this year.

1. Sasebo Burger

Perhaps the burger that Japanese people most often associate with ご当地バーガー gotochi baga | "regional burger") is the 佐世保バーガー Sasebo Burger, born in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture.


The Sasebo Burger must contain fresh raw vegetables and original sauce. There are more than 25 restaurants serving Sasebo burgers in the city, each offering their own original interpretation.


When you visit Sasebo City, why not bite into a freshly made, delicious regional burger? You could even try several different restaurants and compare!

Here are some of the comments from those who voted for this famous regional burger:

"The fresh raw vegetables and original sauce make it look healthy and user-friendly. It's good value for the money" (man in his 70s)

"I saw it when I was hungry, so I couldn't resist the look of the generous portion and wanted to eat it! The fresh-looking vegetables and the thick bacon that sticks out are very appetizing" (woman in her 30s)

"I can't forget the taste of the Sasebo burger I had once" (woman in her 30s).


Sasebo is said to be the birthplace of the hamburger in Japan, first sold near U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo around the 1950s after the recipe was taught by an American naval officer. Later, many hamburger stores were established and each store added their own unique twist to it. The Sasebo Burger is now loved as the soul food of Sasebo citizens.

2. Chitose Burger (tie)

Tied with the "Yokosuka Navy Burger" (see below) in second place was the 千歳バーガー "Chitose Burger" from 千歳 Chitose City, which boasts the largest egg production in Hokkaido.


If you love eggs, you have to try this one. The Chitose Burger requires the use of the famous eggs produced in Chitose City, with local restaurants providing their own interpretation based on how they prepare the eggs. You'll find versions with fried eggs, scrambled eggs, eggs in a tartar sauce, and so on. Find your favorite Chitose Burger when you visit the area.

2. Yokosuka Navy Burger (tie)

Tied for second place was the ヨコスカネイビーバーガー Yokosuka Navy Burger. This local burger from Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, famous for its U.S. military base, is an adaptation of a traditional Navy hamburger recipe sent as a token of friendship.


This big burger is made of 100% lean beef, simply cooked and served in authentic American style with ketchup and mustard. Gobble it up and you'll feel like you've traveled to the U.S. of A. or returned home, whichever may be the case!

4. Toburger

In fourth place was the とばーがー Toburger, a local burger from 鳥羽市 Toba City, Mie Prefecture.


5. Onomachi Komachi Ice Cream Burger

Not all burgers are savory. Ranked fifth was a dessert burger, the おのまち小町アイスバーガー Onomachi Komachi Ice Cream Burger from 小野町 Onomachi City, Fukushima Prefecture, which features ice cream sandwiched between a fragrant grilled bun.


Sold in local Onomachi supermarkets for more than 30 years, it's a nostalgic treat for locals. Currently, it's offered at three stores in town, and each store offering different flavors, such as the ones you see above with chocolate sauce and berry sauce. There are also versions featuring traditional Japanese ingredients as well as seasonal flavors. Try some when you stop by Onomachi!

  • The ranking results are derived on the basis of votes conducted on the Seikatsu website. 264 Seikatsu members aged between 10 and 89 sent in their votes between June 10 and July 12.

You can view the complete ranking results at the Seikatsu website here.

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I love Sasebo burgers.

Recommend, Hikari and Log Kit, but if you're interested in the truly "original" Sasebo burger, then try Blue Sky.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Interesting. Is it just a coincidence that most of these are near military bases? I haven't tried the Sasebo burger but it reminds me of Australian burgers with the lot. Any takeaway shop in Australia will do a Burger With the Lot and it always comes with bacon and a fried egg and usually beetroot as well.

Personally, I am craving a MOS burger right now.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

Japan usually doesn’t make good burgers, but there are a few burger shops that do make a very good and decent burger and Sasebo is one of those establishments. Big, juicy, the ratio between the beef patty and lettuce is perfect and even and you do get a chunk of beef in every bite, what would seal the deal would if they had American bacon to put on their burgers then they would most definitely seal the deal.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Opposite the Shimoda fish market next to the museum is a Burger eatery makes the best best burger i have had in Japan also served with a Hot & Spicy Wilkinson Ginger ale.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

No offense to sandwich lovers (of the above recipes), but the ingredients appear to be high in cholesterol in many cases . . . which may be unhealthy, especially for older people . . . . Please see the following articles,

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

No offense to sandwich lovers (of the above recipes), but the ingredients appear to be high in cholesterol in many cases . . . which may be unhealthy, especially for older people . . . . Please see the following articles,

Most people understand this, eating a great burger every now and then is ok, nothing wrong with it, and if the people that don't like them or refuse to eat them, then that is their choice, we all have choices and if you lived a very unhealthy life then that is something to take into consideration and maybe you should stay away from burgers, but if you are healthy, live a little, and if you don't, that is your choice, everything in moderation.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Looks tasty

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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