Japan has mint chocolate butter

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews

Japan has been on a serious mint chocolate kick for the past few summers, with so many amazing snacks and desserts that we had to make a chart to keep track of our favorites. But now the country is ready to extend the mint chocolate frontier even further with mint chocolate butter.


The latest creation from Tokyo-based butter specialist Canoble, the fancily named Le Buerre Aromatise Choco Mint starts with a base of fresh butter enhanced with peppermint syrup. From there, bits of peppermint leaf and flecks of chocolate are kneaded into the block. Canoble uses Couverteur chocolate, made with extra cocoa butter, to keep the flavor rich, and goes with a slightly bitter taste so that the buttery properties aren’t overpowered by sugar.

As for what to pair it with, mint chocolate butter seems like it would go great on a slice of warm toast for a sweet and melty morning eye-opener, or gracing a stack of pancakes(especially since flapjacks are primarily thought of as desserts in Japan). The possibilities are ever more wide open, though, if you remember that butter is a necessary ingredient in plenty of baking recipes, since we imagine using this special version to whip up a batch of cookies or cake would make them even more delicious by imparting a crisp minty finish to their flavor profile.

Canoble’s mint chocolate butter can be purchased online here for 1,240 yen for a 70-gram package.

Source, images: PR Times

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Not familiar with Wintergreen in my country. After googling it, I find it is as much a medicine as a flavoring.

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mint chocolate butter

I'll have to try frying my eggs in this.

If it was spearmint I would be interested. Peppermint, not at all interested

What about wintergreen?

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So that’s why Lawson’s has those mint covered chocolate donuts during golden week. Better than anything at MR. Donut except for maybe the custard filled. Of course, they’re not selling them anymore.

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If Japan really was ‘on a serious mint chocolate kick’ I would be really surprised!

Most Japanese that I have met are not that partial to mint at all....

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Ugh this is so disgusting how can they like this weird stuff.

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If it was spearmint I would be interested. Peppermint, not at all interested.

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Why oh why does the entire country and all its products have to change when one company does it? Mint chocolate chip is now everywhere. Go your own lane/road/path.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

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