Insect enthusiast puts cricket ramen on the menu

By Harumi Ozawa

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Gross. I'll go watch a game of cricket instead.

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Thats a no for me, thanks.

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I tried a glass of his cricket beer during a promotional event in Shibuya a couple of months ago, and it was surprisingly tasty. People who keep an open mind about consumption of insects may eventually become advocates.

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Eating that would really bug me and instead of applause from the public, I keep hearing cricket cricket. No thanks. I'll stick to miso ramen or anything but this. At least when they inspect the place and find insects, he'll have a great excuse.

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Behind the flavor, you can imagine how the caterpillar savored its life. That is so amazing.

A lot of creatures savor their lives, and then don’t get eaten by an observer of that specialness. And then there is the yuck factor... but then all that wonderful protein....oh what to do ... ummm no.

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Ate insects in Nagano and also Thailand.

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Nope, pork broth is fine by me.

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I'd eat this way before bat soup.

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I have never eaten crickets but I like fried grasshoppers and the somewhat nutty taste of crispy fried meal worms is a real treat along with a cold beer. ♥

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Maybe with the Covid-19 scare its a strange/inappropriate period to be expirimenting with unusual "animal" dishes? Its just a thought, thats all. I have been thinking that as a human species perhaps we should drift away from so much animal-eating, especially eating novel experiments, and drift back more towards vegetables? Safer? But, look, who am I to say anything. Each to their own I guess. Its probably less dangerous than the c**p in the average Doner Kebab. So if its your kind of thing tuck-in and eh...enjoy?

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