Photo: @tabi_gari

Japanese airport’s international gourmet vending machines has netizens clamoring for them everywhere

By grape Japan

Vending machines in Japan are known for conveniently being just around every corner, but they might as well be known for carrying just about everything as well. While standard beverages go without saying, recent years have seen vending machines in the country dishing out drinkable ramen brothpizza, and even fancy French gourmet meals.

Twitter user Hirotaka (@tabi_gari) recently stumbled upon a vending machine in a surprising place that has many clamoring for it to be installed throughout the country. While visiting Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Hirotaka found a vending machine that dispenses international airline cuisine.

Photo: @tabi_gari

Photo: @tabi_gari

"While at Haneda airport, I went to check out the "in-flight meals of the world" vending machines that launched this month. You can get a total of five different meals for 980 a person, including Coq Au Vin from France, Paella from Spain, and Gapao rice from Thailand. It'd be great if you could warm it up right there and eat in the airport. Then you could feel international even on domestic flights."


To the surprise of many on Twitter, Haneda Airport has a specific vending machine that dishes out international themed airline food. While airline food may not top many Michelin lists, something about the novelty of gourmet options from different international flights such as Coq Au Vin (France), Paella (Spain), Gapao rice (Thailand), Massaman curry (Thailand), shrimp with yuzu black pepper and cream sauce (USA and Japan) being available in a vending machine to take home has gotten a very positive response.

The vending machine itself advertises the meals with the slogan "enjoy your travels in the skies at home", and the series is titled "in-flight meals of the world."

As it turns out from other commenters on Twitter, the vending machine has proved to be a hit with some meals routinely out of stock! Fortunately, you can buy the exact same meals sold over the counter at the Haneda Airport Terminal 2 "Soraben Kobo" bento store located one floor above the vending machines.

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Excellent! Great idea and taking it to another level. Japan is truly the land of convenience and would like to try it next time!!

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Me too!!

0 ( +1 / -1 )

A restaurant would be a better idea.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Don't know anyone who wants to eat airline food, especially when not on an airplane. Just who the hell wants COLD airline food anyway?

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