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Japanese artist’s realistic food illustrations have our mouths watering

By Jess, grape Japan

Japanese artist Yoshinobu Saito says that he gets a lot of joy from hearing that his work looks tasty, and it's a compliment he receives often.

Saito worked previously as a character designer, but recently it was his artistic forays into the world of gastronomy which have gained him attention online.


And it’s easy to see why. His work is almost maddeningly realistic.


In particular, he seems to specialize in the tantalizing glisten that many delicious foods have, the one that relentlessly and unforgivingly triggers our hunger pangs.


The detail is mind-blowing and the food looks so real that you can almost smell it.

If you believe some sort of trick must be afoot, the artist has even provided a video showing how he created one of his digital paintings. He manually adds every individual gleaming brush stroke to the meat, giving it his signature hunger-inducing gloss.

Check out his Twitter account for more amazingly realistic food artwork.

Source: yonyon76

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