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Japanese bubble tea stand gets into the festive season with Christmas tree inspired beverages

By grape Japan

The season is here for everything Christmassy. One way to get into the holiday mood is to splash out on a festive beverage. Starbucks Japan have already announced their first holiday offering, and trendy bubble tea stand The Alley have jumped on the trend too.

For their Xmas option, you can’t get more festive than a beverage literally modeled after a Christmas tree. There’s both a hot and cold option on offer.


The Sweet Strawberry Milk Holiday (788 yen) is a smoothie with a seasonally appropriate red and white color scheme created through strawberry and milk. The whipped cream is decorated with green powder and sprinkled with dried fruit pieces to give the impression of a Christmas tree.


The warm beverage is a Sweet Holiday Tea Cocoa (648 yen). The base is a mix of sweet cocoa and The Alley’s famous Assam tea. It also has the Christmas tree-style topping.


Both also come with a pretty star charm on the cup to make them even more festive.

The Alley is instantly recognizable by their signature deer insignia, and they have stores all over Japan. Check out their website for a full menu and store list.

Source: PR Times

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Maybe it's a little bit early for 'the season' but those drinks sure look good! So what the hey, they're here. Grab some while they're out!

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WTH is bubble tea !?

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Bubble tea no longer tendy. So pre-pandemic

0 ( +0 / -0 )

These drinks look so good! I wish that we had The Alley in Canada.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

These drinks look so good! I wish that we had The Alley in Canada.

Actually, we do. There are two locations in Edmonton.

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