Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day with insect sweets

By Kwiyeon Ha

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The best insect I've had were little worms pulled out of chestnuts. Other insects are generally flavorless crunchy and squishy. I wouldn't recommend any of them, but nice to know they are available if worst comes to worst. Seems almost all insect are edible, with a very few exceptions.

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Looks like the only 'bugs' that will NEVER be a crowd favourite on V day (of all days) are crabs then.

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Seems almost all insect are edible, with a very few exceptions.

Yes, while around 70% of the wild vegetation is non-edible.

Just wondering, is she staring at her partner lovingly or looking at that bug saying to herself "WTF am I doing with this guy?"

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Can you imagine it, a young man say to his new girlfriend, Happy valentines day! she steps forward with anticipation "what have you got for me" she squeals with delight! he says , well Ive got you a big fat spider out of my bathroom, don't worries, its still under a glass with a piece of cardboard holding it in, what do you think the reaction is going to be from his new or former girlfriend, is the answer 1: slap around the face, calling him a tight ***** 2: lot of squealing and a quick exit, 3:1 and 2, 3: Oh yummy I love spiders??

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Call me whatever but that's a BIG NOPE and EEEEWWWWWWW!!!

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Nah. I'll pass on that. That looks sick.

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A "water bug" is nothing other than a euphemism for "industrial-scale cockroach".

See that photo? Go ahead lady, munch a roach with your cocktail. Nutritious it may be, but it won't help you find a boyfriend.

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