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Japanese cartoon cheese cheesecake is an easy to make delight

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By grape Japan

With so many around the world the world staying at home, quite a few household kitchens are seeing more use than they normally would as people focus on cooking instead of eating out. Those who have reached their wit's end when it comes to new recipes may have found a sweets savior in Yuki (@yukkokitchen). The talented cook recently shared an amazing dessert that has exploded in popularity in Japan -- cheesecake that looks just like a hunk of cheese.

While the cartoonish dessert may look like it could be found in an old episode of Tom and Jerry, it's actually a jiggly cheesecake.

Yuki, a Japanese cook (she runs an okonomiyaki shop) and sweets maker in the Netherlands, was nice enough to share the recipe for the now viral cheesy cheesecake on Twitter. Here's a simple breakdown.

15-centimeter springform pan (although obviously, the size can be adjusted to the ingredients)

12 grams of cream cheese

300 milliliters heavy cream

300 grams of yogurt

90 grams of sugar

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

12 grams of gelatin

Yellow food coloring

Separately dissolve the gelatin with water. Take all ingredients other than the gelatin and mix them thoroughly in the pan. Then add the dissolved gelatin in and mix very thoroughly and quickly. Refrigerate for 3-4 hours. When removing the cake from the pan, a heated spoon is recommended. The cheese "holes" can then be added with an ice cream scoop.

Alternatively, if you have access to a blender, you can try Tasty Japan's take on the cake.

For more cool cooking inspirations, be sure to follow Yuki on Twitter and Instagram.

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1 Comment
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Japan is famous for its delicacies. I like Japanese food very much. I like toast with this cheese very much.

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