Kikkoman wants soy sauce to be the 'ketchup of India'


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Convincing 1.3 billion people to add a staple of East Asian cuisine to their butter chicken and samosas is no cakewalk but it will likely be easier than the brand's 1960s push into the United States.

personally, I think that soy sauce goes better than ketchup with samosas- which is what they are providing

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soy sauce + ketchup = BBQ sauce!! Try it.

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I just looked up the grilled Bombay sandwich they were talking about in the article. Jeez it sounds good, I want to try that coriander chutney!

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They will be more successful if they diversify into things other than soy sauce to create brand recognition first.

Hope they are aware that it is not just the ketchup brands (most of which are well entrenched in the Indian market) that they will be competing against. Many Indians prefer chutneys (and not ketchup) with their snacks, and most ketchup brands have diversified into selling ready to eat chutneys already.

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If someone commercializes the rice aspect of Indian cuisine then it could become successful. The problem is that most rice based dishes in India are cooked at a restaurant by families and independent shops, so you do not get the top-down variation that exists in Japan.

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Next will come miso paste.

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soy sauce + ketchup = BBQ sauce!! Try it.

Soy sauce + ketchup = a helluva lot of salt

In return, can we make basmati the rice of Japan? Or at least not tax it by 700%. Certainly a lot healthier.

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Too much salt in soy sauce

I avoid it as far as possible

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"Too much salt in soy sauce

I avoid it as far as possible"

Makes you wonder how the Japanese can use it in such enormous quantities and still enjoy one of the world's longest lifespans.

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A long lifespan is nothing to brag about if the last few years are spent bed-ridden due to ill health. Japan also has high rates of stomach cancer. You know why?

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