Japanese people most like to drink green tea with their chips, incredibly dull survey finds

By Mike

As a hardcore carnivore (not omnivore - I literally only eat meat), I’m not big on potato chips personally, but Japan is a surprisingly junk food-obsessed country and potato chips are as ubiquitous as the Pocky and Koala March candies that "otaku" across the globe are familiar with.

There are a huge variety of flavors, thicknesses, textures, shapes and designs to Japanese potato chips, and the industry is apparently so lucrative that consulting firm My Voice Communications – which has absolutely no affiliation with the potato chip industry – put together an insanely exhaustive and, frankly, thoroughly boring survey about Japanese potato chip preferences.

We yawned through the full survey so that you don’t have to. Here are the major takeaways, with all most of the dull stuff cut out:

People prefer to purchase their potato chips at (gasp!) grocery stores.

Convenience stores took the logical second spot of popular places to purchase potato chips, while drug stores came in last, because potato chips aren’t generally considered medicine by sane people.

85.2% of people purchase potato chips at least once in a while.

Of those who do, it’s a pretty even split between those that buy them “once or twice a month,” “once a month,” and “once every few months.” We were curious about the really hardcore potato chip geek demographic and exactly how many bags they purchased per month, but the survey apparently wasn’t that detailed. We’re going to ballpark upwards of 50.

Most people prefer a particular flavor from a single brand.

As opposed to the adventurous 25.5% who said they try to buy different flavors from different brands every time, which means that 25.5% of the potato chip eating Japanese population have probably tried some really weird flavors in the past.

66.6% of people are selfish potato chip hoarders.

That’s the percentage of potato chip eaters who said they primarily buy chips for snacking by themselves. Others said they tend to eat chips at parties or when at gatherings with friends.

The most popular drink to go with potato chips is green tea.

The second most popular is coffee and the third most popular is beer. A small population with apparently iron stomachs even preferred their chips together with milk, although that combo sounds suspiciously like some kind of folksy hangover cure to me.

The most popular potato chip brand is Calbee.

Honestly, I didn’t even know other brands exist.

Finally, My Voice Communications took some general comments about people’s attitudes toward potato chips, such as how some people try to avoid them because they’re fatty and others find them too strong tasting and want a brand to introduce a lighter version.

Source: Itai News

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Been doing potato chips and milk since I was a kid but in university discovered the combination is indeed a hangover remedy. No longer drink but still love my chips and (when feeling adventurous chocolate) milk.

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Mess of a survey.

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Chips and beer sound great... But there are many other combos that are much better. I love chips with my sandwich, one of the best combos ever and any drink of your choice.

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Mike, if you "literally" only eat meat, I'm sorry, but you'd be dead. Maybe the survey was boring, but your story, as well as being "literally" wrong, is much more so.

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Mike, do you mean literally? Or maybe metaphorically?

Whichever, who cares if the survey is interesting enough. If it isn't, they why bother to even write it up?

Do you really think that people who say they prefer animal protein are possibly more interesting than those than like fried carbohydrates?

I guess what I really want to say is "... and you point being...?"

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