Convenience stores vie for coffee market crown

By Chang-Ran Kim

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As someone who is sipping a seven coffee now, I attest it is good. Not as good as the home espresso once you find the right type of beans. It is a great option OTG.

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One of my coworkers told me about 7-11's coffee so I gave it a try. I loved it. It tastes like a regular cup of coffee should. Then I tried the coffee at Famima. Theirs seemed closer to an espresso, but still good. Both well worth the 100 yen price.

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I'm really glad to see hot fresh coffee available at convenience stores here.

But I'd also like to have them put pot coffee out where you just walk up and pour it into a cup like they do in the States.

That's so much faster than having to use the current machines.

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I've tried almost everything, Lawson Family Mart etc but 7/11 gets my vote. Not only is the best but also the least expensive. It forced me to end my long term business relationship whit Doutor and made my occasional visit to Starbucks less frequent!

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Love the smell, it draws me in.

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But I'd also like to have them put pot coffee out where you just walk up and pour it into a cup like they do in the States.

I prefer the machines and that fact that each cup of coffee is freshly ground and brewed specially for that customer. That's one of the reasons it smells so good from the moment the automatic doors of the store slide open. I'm always hooked right in from that moment.

That's so much faster than having to use the current machines.

Sometimes haste makes waste. In the case of coffee beans and coffee, this way creates much more pleasant coffee drinking experience. Much better than some pot of coffee that has been sitting there since who knows when. Also, let's face it, it really doesn't take that long when you think about it.

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Coffee in Japan is okay, but it's a little over-packaged and the serving sizes are a little small.

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When companies compete it generally means better value for the consumer. My wife favours the coffee from Lawson as afr as combini's go.

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Famima kicks butt down here in Okinawa over Lawson's (No 7-11's yet) BECAUSE they are self serve. Lawson's takes too much time, particularly when they get busy. Who wants to wait around for 5 minutes, or more, for a 100 yen cup of coffee.

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"Indeed, Starbucks Japan last month raised its earnings guidance, citing brisk sales of fruit frappucinos."

Proof that despite Abenomics many people have money to burn.

“We first wanted to get the taste of black coffee right.”

After that you have to add milk or cream and sugar to get the taste of the coffee right.

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but it's a little over-packaged

You don't like a cup with your coffee?

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Wouldn't it be a shame if, after paying for your S or R size coffee, you accidentally pushed the L button?

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Anything has to be a step up from that abomination known as canned coffee. I have my own machine - as should all real coffee fans - but after reading JTers comments will definitely give the 100 yen 7-11 coffee a sip soon.

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Famima is better...for me!

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i like the family mart latte, you can add caramel or chocolate if your prefer a sweeter taste

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