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Kappa Sushi’s Kobe beef topped with uni and ikura is height of sushi-go-round luxury

By Jess, grape Japan

Japan’s sushi-go-round chain restaurants such as Kappa Sushi and Sushiro are known for their affordable dishes and casual atmosphere, but as opposed to more high-end restaurants, they’re also a place where you can sample some experimental sushi sensations.

These mavericks will not be confined to just seafood and vegetables on their sushi, and several variations of meat sushi are standard on their menu. If you’re looking for something even more special, you can get limited time only or seasonal meat sushi too.


Kappa Sushi have already been wowing customers with their meat sushi range, but these two new menu additions are advertised as the height of luxury. A combination of the most famous superior Japanese beef and two of the most luxurious seafood toppings, broiled Kobe beef with uni and broiled Kobe beef with ikura will be gracing Kappa Sushi's menu this month.


Uni is sea urchin roe, a rare ingredient which used to be mainly found in sushi counters but now can be spotted spicing up pasta and other dishes in high-end Japanese restaurants.


Ikura is also an expensive type of seafood roe, it comes from salmon and is quite sizeable compared to other types of oft-consumed fish eggs. Eating ikura is a unique experience due to the feeling of the eggs bursting in your mouth.

Kappa Sushi, a chain known for its affordability, has also managed to keep the cost down despite offering such outrageous sushi opulence. Each piece of this luxury sushi will set you back just 300 yen plus tax.

These Kobe beef creations will be available from 3rd June until 26th July, and the appearance of the two coincide with Kappa Sushi’s Meat Neta Fair which is currently ongoing until Aug 30. Takeout options are also available for those avoiding sit-in restaurants.

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japan must learn from the rest of asia, what it , means luxury food. Topping of a sushi with these kind of topping is not luxury. it is just putting beef, ikura and sea-urchin togather. In other words, a poor man way to eat.

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Kobe beef is a great marketing success but it's not that good. Stressed cattle are pumped full of drugs toward of infections, guess where the excess drugs get stored, yep in the marbled fat. Have fun eating all those drugs. I stick to real natural food.

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