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Kewpie debuts plant-based scrambled egg substitute for instant breakfast

By grape Japan

Kewpie, Japan's leading maker of mayonnaise, isn't just known for their standard mayo. Even just recently, Kewpie has putting twists on their creamy and mellow mayo by releasing smoky mayonnaise intended for drinking snacks, as well as a rich curry mayo spread for toast.

The mayo maker's latest concoction doesn't come in classic Kewpie tube, but a package, however. Kewpie is kicking off a new campaign to provide plant-based food products with the release of its new "Almost Eggs" pack of ready to serve scrambled-egg mix.

HOBOTAMA (short for "hobo tamago", or "almost eggs" in Japanese) is plant-based meal serving that reproduces the fluffy look and texture of softly scrambled eggs based on processed soy milk (no actual eggs are used in the product).


Kewpie says the frozen scrambled egg substitute has a mild and mellow taste that makes it flexible for use in a number of dishes, including sandwiches, burgers, and of course, breakfast plates.




HOBOTAMA is the first release in an initiative by Kewpie to focus on providing plant-based foods to address diversified diets, environmental concerns, and healthy nutrition for children in the form of delicious meals.

HOBOTAMA will be released on June 30 in Japan, with Kewpie marketing it for commercial use in restaurants, fast food chains, and hotels.

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You can get the same result from plain tofu

Your wallet can thank me later

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All I could glean from Kewpie's website about the ingredients was:


Mostly plant-based scrambled egg style product.

I wonder what the non-plant based ingredient is.

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