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KFC Japan releases boneless Yuzu Shichimi chicken to whet your autumn appetite

By Ben K, grape Japan

Autumn in Japan is traditionally associated with three things: reading, sports, and hearty appetites. It's the third category which gets the most noticed due to the preponderance of food ads vying for your attention this time of year.

In the battle for your hard-earned cash, KFC has a strong competitor this fall with a tasty-looking new offering featuring uniquely Japanese ingredients.

Fragrant Yuzu Shichimi Chicken

「香るゆず七味チキン」Kaoru Yuzu Shichimi Chikin (Fragrant Yuzu Shichimi Chicken) combines the flavor of the unique Japanese citrus fruit yuzu and the satisfying kick of Shichimi.

To achieve this blend of bracing citrus and spice, KFC coats each piece of chicken freshly breaded and fried in their kitchen with a fragrant mix of spices including yuzu rind, red chili pepper, parsley, black sesame, and white sesame seeds. These seasonings, when matched with juicy boneless chicken, are sure to whet your appetite this fall.

Available from while supplies last at participating KFC locations in Japan.

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They NEED TO release mashed potato and gravy.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

Japan KFC Red Hot = best fried chicken on the planet (okay... maybe an exaggeration, but it's easily the best that KFC has offered in any country I've been to).

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I wonder if any fruit has been harmed in making this product.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Yuzu "nothing can go wrong"

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Man, does this look dee-li-cious!

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best fried chicken on the planet

Sorry, but my wife holds the title for that. (Yours too, no doubt.)

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