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KFC tells customers to hold off on the 'Finger Lickin' for now


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Funny. They should keep the motto to remind everyone of the good times they used to have

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This is great though!

The ad then ends with the tagline "That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now".

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How about you just wash your hands and lick your fingers anyway? Big brain time!!

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The slogan, used on and off by the Yum Brands Inc owned chain for 64 years, will be paused in advertising around the globe from Monday and re-appear when the time is right, the company said in a press release.

The restaurant chain unveiled a short video clip on its KFC UK and Ireland YouTube channel on Monday, showing various KFC chicken buckets with the "Finger Lickin'" words blurred out from its captions.

Wake me up when the crazy is over. I could be in for a long sleep.

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Think outside the greasy box, WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST!!

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The quality of KFC has become really bad recently. I buy a 4 pieces pack once in a week but the taste has deteriorated. Upon sending KFC Japan an email regarding this I received a feedback with all sorts of excuses such as not enough flavor was added at that branch, unfortunately the chicken might have been undercooked / over cooked on that particular day, new staff joined a branch and didn’t prepare it properly etc... Japanese chicken meat is terrific but I think KFC Japan might have started using imported chicken which isn’t really fresh and the staff are being undertrained! KFC Japan really need to do much better to bring back the original taste that it’s renowned for globally!

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Finger licking is a disgusting habit at any time.

I couldn’t eat a KFC if you paid me, everything I hate in one product.

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"...Finger licking is a disgusting habit at any time."

I would say that depends on what you've been doing.

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Here's a crazy thought: Buy your KFC to go, return to the house, eat it, lick your fingers if you have to, wash hands thoroughly after the meal is over.

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