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KitKat’s crazy new cocoa pod dessert is only available at its Tokyo cafe

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

In Japan, it’s pretty easy to forget that KitKats are made of chocolate, what with Japan-exclusive flavors like sake, sweet mochi, and momiji manju commanding your taste buds’ attention.


But the KitKat Chocolatory specialty shop in Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood wants to remind us that KitKats are, first and foremost, chocolate.

While the first floor is where customers can purchase to-go items, the second floor of the Ginza Chocolatory houses a sit-down cafe, and it’s currently serving head chef Yasumasa Takagi’s latest creation, called the Cacao Fruit Dessert. The “t” in “Dessert” is silent, in keeping with the French pronunciation of the word, and such fanciness feels totally justified when you see how incredible it looks.


The Cacao Fruit Dessert looks like a 20-centimeter cocoa pod. For those of you who (like us) have spent far more time in your life thinking about eating chocolate than making it, cocoa pods contain a white pulp in addition to the beans (actually the plant’s seeds) from which chocolate is made.


While actual cocoa pod rinds aren’t edible, the Cacao Fruit Dessert’s shell is made out of delicious chocolate, and removing the lid reveals a KitKat waiting atop a bed of whipped cream enhanced with cocoa pulp juice, which imparts a fruity sweetness.


▼ Beneath the cream you’ll find a selection of fruit and an almond biscuit base.


The cafe says the variety of ingredients produces a complex mix of sensations, with the fruitiness of the cocoa pulp and the rich notes of the cocoa bean chocolate, of course, the two biggest stars. The chefs promise that everything remains elegantly balanced, however, and you can add yet another layer to the dessert by pouring in the warm cocoa pulp juice that’s served along with the dish when you’re half-way through.


As you can probably guess from looking at it, the Cacao Fruit Dessert isn’t quick or easy to make, and the Ginza KitKat Chocolatory will be serving just 10 a day, priced at 3,000 yen between now and February 14.

Cafe information

Kit at Chocolatory (Ginza branch) / キットカットショコラトリー(銀座店)

Address: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 3-7-2

Open 11 a.m.-8 p.m.


Source: PR Times

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amazing wish i can have some.

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Selling just 10 a day for 10 days, at 3000 yen. Sounds like an interesting business model.

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I have been abKit Kat connoisseur since I bought the Nestle sample bag at The Royal Agricultural Show in 1964....

Therefore, Japan's makers of exotic Kitty Kats MUST bring the KitbKat store them SYDNEY NOW!!!!!

Thank you. I await with intrepid anticipation! (hurry up!)


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