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KitKat goes to the bar with KitKat SNAX snack mix, chocolate almond milk stout

By Ben K, grape Japan

In Japan, KitKat isn't only for kids. One of the clearest indications that Nestle Japan has its eyes firmly on adult consumers is the various ways it has tied alcoholic beverages with their famous chocolate snack. For example, we've seen KitKats infused with umeshu plum winesakeyogurt sake and yuzu sake.

Nestle once took a tentative step into the bar scene with a limited-time stall featuring KitKat and sake pairings suggested by an AI bartender, but this time, Nestle is rolling up its sleeves and stepping into the bar with two bold moves:

KitKat's very first snack mix and its very first officially approved beer.



In what Nestle is billing as its first otsumami snack (otsumami being the word for snacks usually enjoyed with alcohol), KitKat SNAX is an assorted mix of ball-type KitKats, salted roasted almonds, and roasted soybeans flavored with rich cheese. The sweetness of KitKat and the saltiness of almonds and soybeans are in perfect balance, so you can enjoy it with various drinks.


According to the press release, the pandemic has created more opportunities for people to eat and drink at home and new ways of enjoying online drinking parties, so Nestle would like you to have a more enjoyable time with KitKat SNAX.


Chocolate Almond Milk Stout Inspired by KITKAT

To commemorate the launch of KitKat SNAX, Nestle Japan has collaborated with DD4D Brewing on a specially brewed original craft beer "Chocolate Almond Milk Stout Inspired by KITKAT."


A chocolate stout brewed using the same cacao powder used to make KitKat, it blends the roasted aroma of wheat and the pleasant and aromatic flavors of cacao and almonds. The carbonation is mild, allowing you to fully taste the ingredients. Moreover, when enjoyed with KitKat SNAX, the saltiness of almonds and soybeans enhance the sweet taste of this chocolate ale.


DD4D Brewing Special kit

For a limited time, you can purchase a special kit for 3,500 yenY + 800 yen shipping (to domestic Japanese addresses only), which includes the following:

  • DD4D Brewing original craft beers x 5 bottles (assorted)
  • Chocolate Almond Milk Stout Inspired by KITKAT x 1 bottle
  • Kit Kat SNAX x 1 package
  • Kit Kat Eco Bag x 1

To purchase your kit, visit the following website.

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