Less beef, more beans. Experts say world needs a new diet


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The serfs can't eat the sacred cow (because the Brahmins know that red meat is healthy protein and they want to keep their slaves dull and lethargic). While the serfs eat grass the Brahmins eat the finest meats in the world.

They're turning us in to hamsters with the bean and grass diet.

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Nothing wrong with more beans and I don't recall the articles saying people are eating "grass".

I have never eaten a lot of red meat in my life. Nothing to do with religion or such, I just always thought it was a good idea to limit it. When you get to a certain age you will noet a lot of your friendshave heart attacks and such...why not keep your body in better shape and avoid gulping hamburgers down so often.

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If the world had fewer people, this wouldn't even be an issue.

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The 'Impossible Burger' in the photo is ultra-processed food with a high fat content.

I'd rather take my chances with meat.

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I remember a documentary saying that it takes an insane amount of resources to raise a cow from calf to your dinner plate and that they also produce large amounts of methane. Eating less meat and meat products and more vegetables is great but haven't they forgotten another good source of protein - fish? I agree with Luddite, imitation foods look far worse than the actual thing. The only rule on food that I go by is this, look at the diet of the native people or at least, the food most commonly eaten at the countryside, chances are that they are healthy and sustainable.

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Some people are sensitive/allergic to wheat and potatoes. More cauliflower for everyone!

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I dont want to sound like I am uncaring, but why do i need to change my diet to support overpopulation caused by other people?

By my calculations if people stuck to 2 children or less, world population wouldnt have gotten this ridiculous and we wouldnt be asked to postulate over a sliver of meat every week.

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Yeah, overpopulation is a problem and causing a lot of problems to the ecosystem, but just forget about that as we run 5 more articles complaining about how the low birth rate is certain to doom Japan!

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That burger if you want to call it that in the photo looks absolutely disgusting.

I am in for eating healthier. I could benefit from eating less beef. But man, Nothing like a good burger.

Some alternatives here.

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Consumption of more beans will lead to more flattulence so even more greenhouse gas.

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...and more beano.

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A few observations.....

There are over a billion souls in India, and many of them are vegetarians, or at least, they don't eat beef.

I have noticed over here in the States that in the past 20 years the veggie burgers available in restaurants have become very tasty.

In my lifetime the population of this planet has gone from fewer than 2.5 billion, to over 7.7 billion, but we do not seem to be doing enough to address the issue of overpopulation.

I happen to think that we humans are capable of solving the problems facing us, but that we certainly won't solve any problems with people like Trump in the White House, or Putin in the Kremlin.

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That Impossible Burger looks revolting. But hey, I'm down with less beef and more beans.

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Beans, beans, every one guaranteed to crack!

Would rather have a nice steak than spend time and energy chopping it in to tiny pieces just so I can stick it back together before cooking it.

Over population is the real elephant in the room, as has been said above, reduce (or if we had encouraged sensible population control policies, prevented the population explosion) the population is the real answer, faffing about trying to impose the veg maffia’s agenda is to mislead and distract the population from the real issue that the political elite simply do not want to confront.

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Lol, most of the animals I eat are vegetarians, so that makes me a vegetarian by extension, right?

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In my lifetime the population of this planet has gone from fewer than 2.5 billion, to over 7.7 billion, but we do not seem to be doing enough to address the issue of overpopulation.

But the rate of increase has dropped substantially in recent times and if trends continue, the world population is expected to level off at around 10 billion. I think that's a level that we will just have to deal with.

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Picture looks more like they fed the beans to the cow before it became the beef. Uhg :/

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I've had an Impossible Burger a few times and they are actually pretty good. They do taste pretty close to the real thing. I don't know what is going on in that photo, but they managed to make it look disgusting. The ones I ate did not look like that.

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If the problem cows and their flatulence wouldn't eating beans cause humans to create more flatulence

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Human animals work better by eating meat. Wealthy nations should cut back, but it is a required part of the natural human diet. B-12, in nature, only comes from meats, dairy or fish. B-6 is available in some beans, like chicpeas (yummy!).

Sorry, vegetarians, but eating meat apparently made our ancestors smarter — smart enough to make better tools, which in turn led to other changes, says Aiello.

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Why do the experts never want us to cut down on yucky things like beetroot ?

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" eating meat apparently made our ancestors smarter — smart enough to make better tools, which in turn led to other changes."

Changes like the introduction of education , which in turn led to the study of mankind's impact on the environment when too much red meat gets eaten *
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