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Lettuce wraps are the perfect low-carb vehicle for chicken

By America's Test Kitchen

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Fish sauce?

Do you marinate your steak in chicken bullion or add beef fat to your fish soup too?


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Pretty sure this is a Southeast Asian thing, seems like every Thai recipe has fish sauce in it somewhere.

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Yeah, the peanuts, as well as the fish-sauce, are definitely Thai influenced, while the lime would be more Vietnam. The jalapano on the other hand would point at a Mexican influence, but Thai food does go the spicy route often, so it could be considered a variation on that.

I'm going to try this recipe. It's rare that the recipes they post here are easily doable, but getting the ingredients for this one should be pretty straightforward. I'll likely use Thai rice rather than brown rice though.

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LOVE lettuce wraps!! Have been eating them for the last 5 years as a regular part of my diet!!!

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Every summer BBQ, we wrap lettuce around beef hamburger burger patties. Throw in some sliced onion, tomato, mustard, mayo, salt n pepper. Comes out amazing.

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Rice is definitely not low carb. 17.5g carbs per serving is high for one meal especially when not much fat you will be starving in an hour. Lettuce is a great wrap replacement but misleading headline.

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Except chicken demonstrably give you bladder infections. Once again the problem in the diet is the meat

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