Like meat, but not meat -- the latest tech advances

By Juliette MICHEL

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Apparently from an investment point of view, stock on all this stuff is going thru the roof.

The product will keep getting better. The ethical and environmental arguments against meat becoming stronger and clearer. Economics, profits, are changing the game.

They reckon that the US Vegan meat market to reach $3 billion by 2024.

Meanwhile, the 9 billion chickens, 32.2 million cattle and calves, 241 million turkeys, 2.2 million sheep and lambs, 121 million hogs slaughtered are worth $7bn.

Sounds a lot easier to grow meat in labs that in a filthy, inhumane feed lots.

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It's not like meat, it's mostly horrible and all of it is ultra processed. It's the worst kind of junk food, anyone who buys into this as a healthier option is being conned.

It should be described as meat or given meat like names, it's fraudulent.

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Who knows what long term ingestion of these franken-foods will do to the body. Only time will tell and for millions that could be to late. Decades of testing with volunteers should be carried out before being released for general consumption.

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Humanity needs this and needs it badly. I hope advancements of this product will continue until its truly safe, delicious and viable. Factory farming and slaughter is horrific and bad for the planet and needs a substitute so it can end.

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It probably will never be really similar to meat, if people reject the meat of most animals as "gamey" or any other word to describe it as undesirable, obviously artificial meat will be easily distinguished.

They should concentrate on making it a good material to eat without trying to make it a meat equivalent. market it as protein or an organic meal or wathever, but no need to force it into the "meat" category.

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It probably will never be really similar to meat

I've had it - it's pretty similar to meat. It's not exactly the same, but similar enough that if someone gave me a burger of it and didn't tell me, I think I would just think they'd spiced the meat interestingly. I would actually describe it pretty much exactly as "similar to meat".

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