Photo: 全農広報部 {Zen-Noh PR Department} (@zennoh_food) - image used with permission

Make potato salad faster with this simple lifehack from Japanese agricultural group

By grape Japan

Many people love potato salad. It's tasty and filling, comes in all kinds of regional varieties, and makes a great side dish.

Despite the fact that it's not a main dish, however, potato salad can take quite a bit of time and effort to make due to the fact that potatoes need to be boiled, peeled, and mashed with a potato masher.

Fortunately for potato salad lovers, the Twitter account of 全農広報部, the PR Department of Zen-Noh, Japan's National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations (@zennoh_food) revealed a convenient and simple lifehack that will speed up the process significantly.

Instead of boiling potatoes, peel and cut them into bite-sized pieces, put them in a heatproof container with a lid, and heat them in a microwave over for 5 to 6 minutes... Once you're done, they can be easily mashed with a fork.


Photo: Reproduced with permission from 全農広報部, the PR Department of Zen-Noh, Japan's National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations (@zennoh_food)

Not only does it save time, but the fact that it requires no pots and pans reduces the number of dishes to be washed and eliminates the labor-intensive task of mashing the potatoes with a potato masher is a plus!

And as a bonus for those who prefer coarser potatoes, you only need to cook the potato pieces in the microwave oven for less than three minutes!

As a suggested potato salad recipe, Zen-Noh's PR Department recommends mixing the coarsely mashed potatoes with fried bacon, green onions, and smoked mayonnaise. Sounds delish!

The post elicited numerous comments from foodies eager to try it, such as:

"I've never made potato salad because it looks like a hassle, but I think I'll give it a try now!"

"I've never seen potato salad with green onions before! It looks delicious!"

"And to think that all this time I've been mashing boiled potatoes with a ladle... I'll give this a try!"

JA Zen-Noh's post seems to have given hope to many potato salad lovers who had been avoiding making it at home.

Why don't you try it the next time you feel like having potato salad?

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