Making a Caesar cocktail in Japan


As some of you may know, I am Canadian. Although I’ve lived in Japan for nearly half my life, I’ve missed a lot of traditionally, some might say stereotypically, Canadian things.

The one thing you can reliably find and make at home if you search the shelves of your nearest import-heavy supermarkets is a Caesar, or Bloody Caesar as it’s often referred to.

Bloody Mary vs Bloody Caesar

The Bloody Mary is said to have been invented in either the 1920s or 30s depending on whose version of the story you believe. It was invented by Fernand Petiot, although he either created it entirely himself in 1921 or as his take on another cocktail in 1934, in Paris at what became known as Harry’s New York Bar.

There have been variations made on “tomato juice x spirit” drinks ever since the 1930s, with each being considered a breakfast/brunch or daytime drink. The fact that they contain vegetable juice, salt and alcohol has added to the claim that they are ideal hangover cures, although there’s no scientific proof of this being true.

The Caesar is Canada’s national cocktail and is enjoyed roughly 400 million times a year in Canada alone. Just like a Bloody Mary, it’s a vodka-based cocktail, often served with a stalk of celery and/or a lemon, and served with practically any fried food, fast food or elaborate brunch meal you can imagine.

The main difference between a Bloody Mary and a Caesar is that a Bloody Mary is made with standard tomato juice while a Caesar is made with Mott’s Clamato—or tomato juice with clam juice and spices in it. To be fair, Clamato is thinner than your average tomato juice, but it has more flavor in it and is readily adaptable to whatever else you might want to add to your cocktail. Be that maple smoked bacon, entire slices of pizza on skewers or even a dill pickle juice chaser.

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No comparison Caesar is by far the better drink. I would have thought it would be very popular in Japan.

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Caesar, the only cocktail I like. And definitely the Clamato really makes it work. Watch out for that salted rim, though - it's bad for heart health. And Clamato has a lot of salt too, but here in Canada there's a reduced salt variety that's very nice.

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