Mars Food tells customers to go easy on the pasta sauce


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Sounds sensible, but will people read the label and actually care?

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I don't even understand why people buy those stuff. They can easily make it their self with tin tomatoes, onions, garlic, your choice of herbs and other ingredients.

I have a bottle I made last week and use it to make pizza (toast) for breakfast.

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another way to dilute it and give less for more? we usually use the can as base and add more vegetables, etc. anyways. thanks.

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So if its not good for you, why do they knowingly sell it? This is without even going into the slave labour, GMO, and generally bad practices for the majority of man kind. Buy fresh make fresh and reduce your chances of chronic effects of things that are not suppoesed to be in food in the first place

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This has got to be the most r*tarded marketing strategy ever announced. Students`ll be studying this in B school for generations.

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"Increased pressure" can mean a lot of things, but it seems like shorthand for threats of various kinds. Though, we are talking about obesity, so perhaps someone's literally sitting on them.

I digress. No corporation ever willing told their customers "hey buddy, go easy on this product", unless it's a drug. On the contrary, they want people to buy more of their stuff. Advocates want you to buy their ideology, companies want you to buy their products. But companies at least give you a choice to buy their stuff, lawmakers and advocates will just scream louder until you capitulate.

If the company goes broke to the "increased pressure", the shrill opposition will simply move on.

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Avoid processed foods whenever possible.

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Go easy on everything WHITE including sugar, udon, pasta, rice and bread because global type 2 diabetic people are on the rise tthat is linked to too much carbohydrate we are consuming .and high tech gaggets keeping us on couch

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the most r*tarded marketing strategy ever

Not really. It's a legal disclaimer. They do it to cover their @ss. They know their customers can't read (otherwise the ingredient list would be enough to deter them). But they can't be sued by NGOs and such as they'll be able to say : "But we warn people that they have to consume in moderation, blah they are responsible of their bad choices, not us".

They can easily make it their self with tin tomatoes,

Tin tomato is even worse than their junk, it's a poison. It's in the process of being banned in Europe, for good reasons. Most of the tins (100% of those sold in Japan) are lined with a toxic film that dissolves into the acidic sauce. The substances are known to cause hormonal umbalance, cancers and a few other nasty things. If you look for it and pay double, you can find decent glass jars or bottles of not-over-processed passata, just the one from your Italian auntie. Or if you live in a huge house, ,in Summer, get cheap tomatoes and can you own sauce (in glass jars).

So if its not good for you, why do they knowingly sell it?

Just like sweets, cookies, crackers, tobacco, alcohol... They sell because you buy. Stop buying and that disappears from the shelves.

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So, is "a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play" a load of marketing BS, too?

Who would have guessed?

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Trans-fats are also disappearing form the list of ingredients. Kraft macaroni and cheese removed it but didn't tell anyone. Now they're running adds (BS) that nobody noticed. I noticed, and I only that crap maybe three times a year.

Good spring dinner: uncle bens wild rice, baked chix breast, steamed asparagus, topped with a cheddar cheese mornay sauce. Yummy!

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